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Chapter 320:Regret of the Shen Family

10200words in this chapter2024-02-22

Su Xinyi disguised himself to help the Shen family as Meng Qingze wished.However,what would happen after helping the Shen family was known only to Su Xinyi himself.

Anyway,he had made a promise to Xie Zhiyan.Within a month,he would definitely resolve this small family for Xie Zhiyan completely.

At this moment,the Shen family in Moling Prefecture was under a dark cloud.There was no other reason but that they had clashed with the Zhou family again in the morning,directly involving three martial artists at the Divine Palace Realm.However,they ended up suffering a great loss;one person died directly,and two were severely injured.Among the two major families in Moling Prefecture,the Shen family was originally slightly weaker than the Zhou family.However,after this incident,they were significantly weaker.

The Zhou family had eleven martial artists at the Divine Palace Realm,while the Shen family only had nine.And among these nine,one had to exclude the Shen family patriarch.

Although the Shen family patriarch was also a martial artist at the Divine Palace Realm,he was already over a hundred and twenty years old this year,and his strength and physical vitality had declined to the extreme.It was simply impossible for him to fight with others anymore.

As a result,the combat effectiveness of the Shen family was reduced to only eight individuals.

Over these past few days,seven of the Shen family's second-generation martial artists at the Divine Palace Realm were seriously injured,with two more injured today and one dead.Now,the Shen family only had two legitimate Divine Palace Realm martial artists left,plus one steward who had been with the Shen family for decades.

In the main hall for discussions at this moment,after a doctor had finished treating the two severely injured Shen family members,he cautiously said,"Sir Shen,the meridians of the two gentlemen are severely damaged.It may take several months for them to recover.Mr.Shen Er's injuries are the most severe;one arm is completely disabled."

The people in the hall couldn't help but darken in expression.A disabled arm meant that even if he was cured,the person would be practically crippled.

The eldest of the Shen family,Shen Xijun,was infuriated to death because of the events of the past.Shen Congxiao,the second son of the Shen family,was the strongest individual and also the candidate for the future head of the Shen family.But now,he had become a useless person directly.

Feeling the gazes in the hall that seemed as if they could kill,the doctor couldn't help but force a bitter smile.

He was just an ordinary doctor of the martial world,not the legendary kind who could bring the dead back to life.Staring at him like this was of no use at all.

Finally,it was the Shen family patriarch who waved his hand to dismiss the doctor,allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief before quickly leaving the Shen family.

Inside the discussion hall of the Shen family,Shen Congren,the fifth son of the Shen family,suddenly whispered,"If only we had accepted the mediation of the Swordsmanship Sect earlier,it would have been better.If we had accepted the mediation back then and let the Zhou family compensate us with some cultivation resources,it would have been better than our current situation of significant losses in strength."

At the beginning,when Xie Zhiyan came to mediate,there were indeed people in the Shen family who considered it.

After all,it was extremely unwise for two evenly matched families to go to war.It would either result in mutual destruction or one family being annihilated by the other.

However,even if they won,it would be a Pyrrhic victory.So,many people in the Shen family actually didn't want to start this conflict.

But at that time,the Zhou family had killed a direct disciple of the Shen family,whether it was for face or other reasons,the Shen family had to fight back.

As a result,they regretted it later.The strength of the Zhou family exceeded their expectations.In this fight,the Shen family lost more than half of their power.

But now it was too late for regrets.Back then,the Zhou family had refused to mediate.Now that they held the advantage,they were even less willing to accept the mediation of the Swordsmanship Sect.

However,at this moment,Shen Congwu,the third son of the Shen family,suddenly said,"What do you mean by that,Fifth Brother?Are you afraid?If the Zhou family wants to exterminate our Shen family completely,let them come!

In these days,our losses have been severe,but is the Zhou family completely unscathed?Even if the Zhou family wants to annihilate us,we must make them suffer a loss!"

The reason why the Shen family went to war with the Zhou family was because the Zhou family suddenly killed a direct disciple of the Shen family.And that direct disciple was the son of Shen Congwu,the third son.Naturally,he harbored deep hatred towards the Zhou family.

Upon hearing Shen Congwu's words,Shen Congren immediately became unhappy,"Third Brother,what do you mean by this?Are you implying that I'm afraid of death?If I seek peace,it's also to preserve a trace of the Shen family's legacy.Otherwise,how can we justify ourselves to our ancestors?"

The two of them argued back and forth,and the others dared not interfere.Chen Cang,the remaining martial artist at the Divine Palace Realm,had been a lifelong follower of the Shen family patriarch and later became the steward of the Shen family.He was deeply loyal to the Shen family.However,as both were from the Shen family,it was not appropriate for him to intervene.He could only watch silently.

Finally,it was the Shen family patriarch who,seeing them becoming increasingly unreasonable,angrily tapped his cane a few times and rebuked,"Shut up!What kind of talk is this,bickering like children?"

Once the Shen family patriarch spoke,everyone present immediately dared not say more.

The authority of the Shen family patriarch within the Shen family was unchallengeable.Even though he was now in decline in terms of vitality and age,his authority remained unchanged.

The history of the Shen family was short,and the Shen family patriarch was the founder of the first generation.He had single-handedly nurtured these several children at the Divine Palace Realm.

He could even proudly claim that none of his sons were wastrels,so his prestige within the Shen family was unparalleled.

Amidst this silence,the daughter of Shen Jia's eighth son,a woman in her twenties,suddenly whispered,"If only Eldest Sister had married Zong Haoyang,our Shen family would not have to fear the Zhou family with their Martial Spirit Realm warriors."

At these words,the people present showed various expressions,but Shen Jia's patriarch and others had ugly faces.

This incident was the most foolish thing their Shen family had done in many years.Initially,because Zong Haoyang was a wandering martial artist with average strength,they had wanted to marry Shen Xijun to a second-rate family,the Situ family,with a Martial Spirit Realm martial artist.

But unexpectedly,not only did the marriage fall through,but the wandering martial artist they had looked down upon broke through to the Martial Spirit Realm.He even gained fame as one of the"Four Supreme Wanderers"in the Central Plains.This led to the Shen family being ridiculed by other clans for their shortsightedness and so on.

If they had been able to bring Shen Xijun and Zong Haoyang together,the Shen family would have gained a Martial Sage,a true martial arts master.

The Martial Spirit Realm martial artists of the Situ family were only at the Spiritual Transformation Realm,incomparable to Zong Haoyang who had reached the Martial Sage Realm.

Moreover,that was just a marriage.If the Shen family could marry Shen Xijun to Zong Haoyang,then Zong Haoyang would have been one of their own,much more secure than an alliance between families.

In fact,when Zong Haoyang had just broken through to the Spiritual Transformation Realm,the people of the Shen family had already regretted it and wanted to salvage the situation.

However,because of what happened back then,Shen Xijun's parents were infuriated to death,and Shen Xijun herself completely lost hope in life and entered a monastery.It was impossible for them to be together again.Shen Xijun even had a determined attitude towards death.The people of the Shen family had to give up and let Shen Xijun spend her days in the backyard of the Shen family,accompanying the ancient Buddha.

The three generations of disciples of the Shen family all looked at Shen Jia's patriarch and others with strange eyes.After all,the decisions back then were made by them.At that time,except for Shen Xijun,the third generation of the Shen family were all still young.

Feeling the gaze of the younger generation,Shen Congwu's face turned red,and he rebuked,"What are you looking at?The Shen family is now in the most difficult time.You younger generations don't even think about how to save the Shen family.You're just indulging in wild thoughts!"

The daughter of Shen Jia's eighth son muttered,"I'm not indulging in wild thoughts.Even if Zong Haoyang can't become my brother-in-law,isn't there still a slight connection between him and our Shen family?If Zong Haoyang knew about our current situation,would he not help us because of this slight connection?"

As soon as the daughter of the eighth son spoke,everyone present was stunned.They hadn't thought of this point at all.

Zong Haoyang could not join their Shen family,but Shen Xijun had been his beloved in the past.

If the Shen family were to perish,Shen Xijun would naturally be in danger too.Just for this reason,Zong Haoyang would also help the Shen family through this difficult time,and perhaps even help them wipe out the Zhou family.

However,just as everyone was excited for a short while,they remembered that even if they knew this,it was useless.Where could they find Zong Haoyang?

Zong Haoyang had not appeared in the Central Plains martial arts world for more than twenty years.It was said that he had gone overseas to break through to the Sun God Realm.Where could the people of the Shen family find him?

Everyone sighed helplessly,but at this moment,a servant hurriedly pushed open the door and shouted,"Bad news,Master!People from the Zhou family are here!"

The faces of the Shen family's people immediately turned dark.The Zhou family was really too much.They even dared to come knocking on their door.Did they really think they could wipe out the Shen family now?

The people of the Shen family hurriedly walked out,only to see three Martial Spirit Realm warriors from the Zhou family standing at the door with a look of arrogance,while the other martial artists from Moling Prefecture watched from the side.

Seeing Shen Jia's patriarch and the others come out,the leader of the Zhou family's Martial Spirit Realm warrior stepped forward and sneered,"A bunch of turtles finally dared to come out?At the beginning,your Shen family was still boasting about fighting to the death with our Zhou family,weren't you?Now that our Zhou family has brought people,don't pretend to be a bunch of turtles."

The Shen family's steward,Chen Cang,was immediately furious and rushed out,shouting angrily,"People of the Zhou family,you are too arrogant.Even if your Zhou family is stronger than our Shen family,trying to wipe out our Shen family will not end well for you!"

The surrounding people showed expressions of doubt.The Zhou family's aggressive attitude was also what puzzled them.

While the Zhou family's strength indeed seemed to surpass that of the Shen family now,it was strong,but it was far from reaching the point of annihilating the Shen family.

Even if the Zhou family were to wipe out the Shen family in the end,it would be a situation where both sides suffered losses.The Zhou family would not gain any benefit from it.

However,the Zhou family now seemed to have some deep-seated hatred towards the Shen family,determined to wipe them out.