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Chapter 321:Master Zong Haoyang

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Looking at the furious Shen family members,the leader of the Zhou family,a martial artist in the Divine Palace Realm,sneered disdainfully,"What's the use of just shouting and yelling?Today,my Zhou family is here to challenge you.Three days from now,a fight to the death.Let's settle the score between our families like real men.Don't cower in the Shen family like a bunch of cowards!"

As soon as these words were spoken,the whole scene was shocked.The Zhou family actually intended to play for real,initiating the rhythm of a fight to the death.

At this moment,the people from the Shen family also wore solemn expressions.They didn't dare to accept this fight to the death.They weren't confident about it,but they couldn't afford not to accept it either.Otherwise,in front of so many people,the Shen family would truly become cowards.

The old steward,Chen Cang,seeing the situation deteriorating,directly shouted towards the leader of the Zhou family and launched a punch,"Zhou Guangquan!Your Zhou family is too audacious.Do you really think there's nobody in my Shen family?"

Zhou Guangquan from the Zhou family sneered,"If the people from the Shen family don't dare to step forward,should we let this old dog of yours take the lead?"

As he finished speaking,Zhou Guangquan struck out with a palm.The powerful force of the palm surged like waves in the sea,attacking Chen Cang relentlessly.

Chen Cang had followed the old master of the Shen family in roaming the martial world since he was young,so he was not young anymore,already over ninety years old.

This age was just the prime of life for experts in the Elemental Realm,but for martial artists in the Divine Palace Realm,it was the beginning of decline.

Zhou Guangquan was only in his forties,the prime of his life.With his formidable palm strength,after just over ten moves,Chen Cang began to show signs of decline.

Shen Congwu saw that things were going south.He was about to step forward to rescue,but he saw Zhou Guangquan suddenly transform his palm into a fist.With a powerful burst,Zhou directly sent Chen Cang flying with a mouthful of blood spraying out,falling to the ground.

Shen Congwu angrily said,"Zhou Guangquan!Do you really think my Shen family is powerless?"

As soon as he spoke,hundreds of disciples from the Shen family immediately swarmed out from the Shen family,holding weapons,surrounding Zhou Guangquan and the others.

This was their Shen family's home ground.The Zhou family had no right to flaunt their might here!

The three martial artists from the Zhou family,only accompanied by a dozen Zhou family disciples,were no match for the hundreds from the Shen family.

However,Zhou Guangquan showed no fear on his face,but instead sneered disdainfully,"The Shen family is indeed imposing.If you want to fight now,our Zhou family will accompany you to the end!If you want to fight three days later,then accept this invitation to the fight to the death.With so many witnesses present,there's no need for wasting time and effort.After the battle,the entire Moling Prefecture will only accommodate a second-rate power!"

The people from the Shen family were suddenly in a difficult position.Neither did they want to engage in a battle with the Zhou family now nor did they want the fight to the death three days later.

However,at this moment,a young swordsman dressed in white pushed through the crowd and asked in a gentle voice,"Excuse me,is this the Shen family?"

The aura emanating from this white-clad swordsman was somewhat unpredictable,but he was definitely a martial artist of the Innate Realm.

Now that Zhou Guangquan had just cornered the Shen family,he didn't want anyone to interrupt.Seeing this young swordsman stepping forward,he couldn't help but frown and say,"Get lost!"

The white-clad swordsman shook his head,"You're quite unreasonable.I have business with the Shen family.Who are you to tell me to get lost?"

Zhou Guangquan's expression turned cold,"Ignorant fool!Seeking death!"

He didn't want to waste time with this white-clad swordsman.He directly attacked with a palm without holding back.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the white-clad swordsman.He pointed his finger,and a cold sword aura appeared.

Although the sword aura seemed weak,it contained a terrifying power of destruction.It directly pierced through Zhou Guangquan's palm force,instantly infiltrating his meridians,causing Zhou Guangquan to spew out blood and fly backward.

The crowd couldn't help but gasp in shock.This young white-clad swordsman unexpectedly possessed the strength of the Divine Palace Realm!Even within the Divine Palace Realm,he could be considered a master.

It's worth noting that Zhou Guangquan of the Zhou family was considered a master in the Moling Prefecture.Yet,without even drawing his sword,this white-clad swordsman severely injured him with just a sword aura.How strong could he be?

As soon as Zhou Guangquan was severely injured,the other martial artists from the Zhou family couldn't bear it anymore and drew their weapons.

But at the moment their weapons were unsheathed,the sword of the white-clad swordsman was drawn too.

On a common steel longsword,there shimmered a faint blue light.In an instant,everyone felt a chilling aura rushing towards them.

The weapons in the hands of the Zhou family's martial artists were cut through by the sword radiance,instantly covered with a layer of frost.With a clang,under this sword radiance,everyone's weapons shattered,but not a single person was injured!

Another round of gasps ensued.A sword strike that shattered everyone's weapons without harming them—how powerful must the control of true energy be to achieve this?

Putting away his longsword,the white-clad swordsman said calmly,"Drawing a sword recklessly against others in the martial world is very impolite.I,Meng Qingze,also detest it when someone draws a sword at me.Consider this a lesson.Next time,think about the consequences before drawing your sword.A swordsman,wielding a weapon of death,signifies the division of life and death.I won't give you a second chance."

This white-clad swordsman,Meng Qingze,was naturally Su Xin.

Initially,he was considering what reason to use to appear before the Shen family.Unexpectedly,the Zhou family arrived at just the right moment,providing Su Xin with a good excuse.

The technique he had just used wasn't from the system,but rather the Frost Hell Sword Technique.

The Frost Hell Sword Technique was a part of the Frost Hell True Interpretation,combining the chill of Yin energy with the deathly aura of Hell.When fully executed,it was comparable to the Blood River Divine Sword,even surpassing it in some aspects,as it merged two martial truths.However,Su Xin couldn't fully display the Frost Hell Sword Technique in front of these people;otherwise,he would be playing the role of Meng Qingze,a disciple of the demonic path.He concealed the deathly aura of the Frost Hell Sword Technique,leaving only the chilly sword intent,which appeared more normal.

The gazes of the other two Divine Palace Realm martial artists from the Zhou family towards Su Xin were filled with wariness.Where did this young expert come from?Such strength could definitely secure a spot on the ranking list.But why hadn't they heard of this name before?What made the Zhou family even more apprehensive was that Su Xin had come to find the Shen family.What was his relationship with them?

However,the two Divine Palace Realm martial artists from the Zhou family knew that at least today,they couldn't do anything to the Shen family.They directly dragged the already heavily injured and unconscious Zhou Guangquan away.

After the Zhou family left,the Shen patriarch and others looked at Su Xin with peculiar gazes.The name Meng Qingze sounded familiar to them,but they couldn't recall why.Moreover,the young swordsman had just claimed to come to the Shen family,which puzzled them even more,as they didn't recognize him.

However,they had no doubts about the strength of this young swordsman.He was definitely a powerhouse listed on the ranking list,and his ranking wouldn't be low.

Therefore,the Shen patriarch courteously clasped his hands and said,"Thank you,sir,for your righteous assistance earlier.May I ask what brings you to the Shen family?"

Su Xin also clasped his hands lightly and said,"Sir Shen is too kind.I am here on behalf of my master to visit an old acquaintance."

"May I know who your master is?"asked the Shen patriarch.

"My master is Zong Haoyang,the'Wandering Sage,'"replied Su Xin.

As soon as these words were spoken,everyone was astonished.The people from the Shen family also remembered.About three years ago,there was a martial artist of the Innate Realm listed on the ranking list,whose origin was Zong Haoyang's disciple,named Meng Qingze.Due to Zong Haoyang's influence,the Shen family paid attention to Meng Qingze's information at that time.However,Meng Qingze only appeared on that list once,and after a few months,he disappeared from sight.Therefore,the people from the Shen family no longer paid attention to him.They didn't expect Meng Qingze to appear before them again today.

Upon hearing that the person in front of them was the former ranking list powerhouse Meng Qingze,everyone understood.No wonder he possessed such strength;he was indeed a powerhouse listed on the ranking list,and he was also a disciple of a martial arts master.

The people of Moling Prefecture were amazed,but the people of the Shen family felt even more embarrassed.They had shortsightedly abandoned Zong Haoyang.Now,not only was Zong Haoyang a master of the Divine Palace Realm,but even his disciples had such formidable strength.

If they had kept Zong Haoyang back then,this master of the Divine Palace Realm could have ensured the prosperity of the Shen family for hundreds of years.And with Zong Haoyang's help in cultivating disciples for the Shen family,although not all of them would be as powerful as Su Xin,they would have been content with having strength similar to Su Xin.

The people of the Shen family were somewhat flushed with embarrassment.Shen Congwu quickly said,"If Mr.Meng has any business,please come inside and discuss it."

They didn't want to lose face in public and hurriedly invited Su Xin into the inner chambers of the Shen family.

Inside the hall,Shen Congwu and the others deliberately arranged Su Xin's position as the first to indicate respect,while the third-generation young disciples of the Shen family looked at Zong Haoyang's direct disciple with curious eyes.After all,among them,the relationship between the former Zong Haoyang and their elder sister,Shen Xijun,was almost like a legend,but also a taboo.