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Chapter 322:Turning the Tables

8608words in this chapter2024-02-27

At this moment,the members of the Shen family didn't know how to face the disciple of Zong Haoyang before them.After all,their past conflicts with Zong Haoyang were far from pleasant,bordering on deep enmity.

However,Su Xin spoke first,"Master Shen,I am here on orders from my master to visit Madam Shen.I kindly ask for your permission."

Master Shen hurriedly replied,"Of course,that's not a problem.I wonder how your master is doing now?"

Su Xin replied calmly,"My master now resides year-round on a secluded island overseas and has successfully broken through to the Yang Spirit Realm.However,he has mentioned that his heart has already died.Therefore,he has no intention of setting foot in the Central Plains again."

Upon hearing this,the Shen family and others present felt awkward.It was they who had caused Zong Haoyang's sorrow.

Shen Congwu cleared his throat awkwardly and said,"Since Master Meng's son is here to visit Xijun,I will have someone take you to her."

Shen Congwu clapped his hands and instructed a servant to lead Su Xin to the backyard to see Shen Xijun.

After Su Xin left,Shen Congren,the fifth son of the Shen family,suddenly said,"Father,Third Brother,this is our chance!If we can firmly grasp Meng Qingze,our Shen family will have hope to survive this crisis,and we might even be able to destroy the Zhou family!"

Upon hearing this,everyone present brightened up.They had all witnessed Meng Qingze's strength earlier.He was definitely a powerhouse ranked around thirtieth on the Human Ranking List.At the very least,he could easily defeat three warriors of the same level simultaneously.With Meng Qingze joining them,the strength of the Shen family would immediately surpass that of the Zhou family.

However,Shen Congwu expressed some concerns,"But would Meng Qingze help our Shen family?The current situation is related to our past decisions.Zong Haoyang bears such resentment towards us.What attitude would his disciple have?It's easy to imagine.Moreover,as you all saw earlier,Meng Qingze has always been indifferent towards us.I suspect that if we make such a request,he might not even give us the time of day."

Shen Congren smiled,"Directly asking might not work,but we can be more indirect.Currently,our Shen family is facing an existential crisis.If our family were to perish,Xijun would be in danger too.If he doesn't want to help our Shen family,can he watch his own master's wife be in danger and do nothing?"

Everyone nodded in agreement;it was indeed a good plan.

Master Shen leaned on his cane,feeling somewhat weary,and said,"Alright,let's go with what you,Congren,suggested.When Meng Qingze comes out,you can tell him that."

Master Shen was also forced to act this way.In the past,he had built the Shen family's fortune single-handedly on the Jian Nan Dao,but as he grew older,he found himself having to defer to the younger generation.This made Master Shen extremely unwilling.

Meanwhile,Su Xin was led by a servant of the Shen family to a not-so-small Buddhist hall in the backyard.

Initially,the Shen family was angered by Shen Xijun's willfulness,which ruined their alliance with the Situ family.They hadn't even prepared a Buddhist hall for her;there was only a small dark room.

However,later,when Zong Haoyang ascended to the Elemental Realm and gained a reputation as one of the Four Absolute Solitaries,the Shen family became somewhat afraid.They feared that if Zong Haoyang came knocking on their door and found out they mistreated Shen Xijun,they would be in trouble.So,they quickly replaced the small dark room with a spacious Buddhist hall.Whatever Shen Xijun wanted,the Shen family would provide.

The servant of the Shen family led Su Xin to the front of the Buddhist hall and reported,"Miss,an old acquaintance has come to visit."

After a moment,a clear and melodious voice came from inside,"Please come in."

Su Xin nodded and entered the Buddhist hall.

Inside the hall,a woman dressed as a gray-robed nun sat in front of a Buddha statue,silently reciting sutras.

Her eyebrows were like ink paintings,her features delicate,almost identical to the image of Zong Haoyang Su Xin had seen in Shangshan City.Although Shen Xijun was nearing forty,time had only left a few traces on her face,adding to her mature charm.

"I am Meng Qingze,disciple of Master Zong Haoyang,paying my respects to Madam,"Su Xin bowed respectfully to Shen Xijun.

Shen Xijun suddenly opened her eyes,and the rosary in her hand fell to the ground.She trembled slightly as she asked,"Is he...alright?"

Su Xin couldn't possibly say that Zong Haoyang had turned into a pile of bones over a decade ago.He simply took out the portrait Zong Haoyang had drawn and handed it to Shen Xijun,saying,"Master is doing well.He is currently living in seclusion overseas,but he has said that he does not want to set foot in the Central Plains again."

Shen Xijun unfolded the scroll,tears streaming down her face.However,she smiled and said,"He is right.The Central Plains is indeed a place of sorrow.The past is like smoke,and now he is a strong practitioner in the Elemental Realm with a lifespan of over three hundred years.Whereas,I will dissipate in a few decades.Time can dilute everything.I can't let go of the past,but I only hope that he can."

Su Xin nodded,"I will convey these words to Master."

After rolling up the scroll,Shen Xijun fell silent again,and Su Xin tactfully withdrew.He had used Meng Qingze's identity in Shangshan City before,and now it was time to settle that karma and bring closure to this identity.

However,in Su Xin's eyes,Zong Haoyang,the"Four Absolute Solitaries,"was also someone indecisive and weak.Seeing Shen Xijun's current state,it was clear that she still had feelings for him.If Zong Haoyang had been more decisive back then and relied on his Elemental Realm strength to directly take Shen Xijun away from the Shen family,they wouldn't have dared to resist.

As for Shen Xijun,as she herself said,time could dilute everything.In the end,both of them ended up regretting for a lifetime.

Exiting the Buddhist hall,Su Xin clasped his fists towards Master Shen,"Master Shen,my task is complete.I won't stay any longer.Farewell."

At this moment,Shen Congren hastily said,"Mister Meng,please wait."

Su Xin turned around,"Is there anything else?"

Shen Congren hesitated,"It's like this,Mister Meng.My Shen family is in great danger now,as you've seen with the Zhou family practically wanting to wipe us out.So,I'd like to ask for your help."

Su Xin's face revealed a mocking smile,"Shen Fifth,you really have the nerve to say such things.Do you think I'm unaware of how your Shen family treated my master?I'm here this time just to visit my master's wife.The scuffle with the Zhou family earlier was only because they drew their swords at me,with no relation to the Shen family."

The people of the Shen family showed embarrassment;this Mister Meng spoke quite straightforwardly.They also noticed that his character was quite different from his master's;at least Zong Haoyang wouldn't speak in such a manner.

Shen Congren smiled awkwardly,"Mister Meng,please don't be angry.I also know I was wrong in the past.It's not too late to repent now.Besides,even if Mister Meng doesn't want to help the Shen family,at least help Xijun.The Zhou family's current aggression is clearly aimed at wiping out our Shen family.If we fall,Xijun will also have an unfavorable fate."

Su Xin fell silent for a moment,then coldly smiled,"Your Shen family is indeed shameless as ever."

Upon hearing Su Xin call his Shen family shameless,Shen Congren's expression actually showed a hint of joy.Whether their Shen family was shameless or not,as long as they could keep Meng Qingze,what did it matter?

Su Xin's eyes flashed with a cold light,"This time,I'll help your Shen family once,but I'll only help you through the current crisis.As for wiping out the Zhou family,I won't intervene."

The people of the Shen family immediately showed joy on their faces.Although Su Xin's promise to help them wipe out the Zhou family was not as good as they had hoped,it was enough.As long as Su Xin helped them resist the Zhou family's attack,they would naturally find an opportunity to annihilate the Zhou family.

"Hurry,take Mister Meng to rest.I'll prepare a banquet to welcome Mister Meng."Shen Congren immediately shouted.

However,Su Xin waved his hand,"No need.I have other matters to attend to.I'll resolve the matters in Maling Prefecture as soon as possible.Now,how much difference is there between the power of your Shen family and the Zhou family?"

Shen Congren replied awkwardly,"We Shen family now only have two Divine Palace Realm warriors left,while the Zhou family still has five.Moreover,the other family disciples'strengths are also stronger than ours."

The history of the Shen family was short,so the mainline of the Shen family now only consisted of three generations,totaling only dozens of people.The rest were retainers recruited from outside,making their strength naturally weaker than that of the mainline.On the other hand,the Zhou family had a history of hundreds of years,and at its peak,it even had an Elemental Realm existence,making their family heritage stronger than the Shen family's.

"Where are those people from the Zhou family now?Are they within the family or somewhere else?"Su Xin asked.

Shen Congren hurriedly replied,"Our Shen family couldn't match the Zhou family,so we've recalled all our people back to the Shen family.As for the Zhou family,they still have three Divine Palace Realm warriors stationed in their properties,while the others should be within the family."

Su Xin nodded,obtaining the addresses of the Zhou family's properties.Then,he asked casually,"Why did the Zhou family suddenly attack you this time?"

At this point,Shen Congren snorted,"We're also puzzled by this.The Zhou family attacked us as if they'd gone mad.With their strength,even if they wiped out our Shen family,what benefit would they gain?"