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Chapter 323 The Fate of Weapons

8792words in this chapter2024-02-27

The only information Su Xin received from the underworld was about the whereabouts of the ground-level weapons in the Zhou and Shen families'hands,and he didn't even know which of the two families possessed it.

However,after arriving at the Moliang Prefecture and learning the detailed situation of the Zhou and Shen families,Su Xin speculated that the ground-level weapon should be in the possession of the Shen family.

The actions of the Zhou family this time were too unusual.The only explanation was that there was something in the Shen family's possession that aroused the Zhou family's covetousness,prompting them to destroy the Shen family at all costs and take that something away.

But now,Su Xin realized that the Shen family seemed unaware of what they possessed that would be coveted by the Zhou family.

Since he couldn't find anything for the time being,Su Xin decided not to pursue it further.He would wait until the strength of both the Zhou and Shen families weakened to a certain extent before seeking answers.

After leaving the Shen family,Su Xin went directly to the address Shen Congren had given him and arrived at the entrance of the shop where the Zhou family was located.

Both the Zhou and Shen families each held half of the Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine.Although eighty percent of the output had to be handed over to the Yijian Sect,the remaining Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron,along with some ordinary magnetic iron used to forge weapons,was still in high demand.

Therefore,whether it was the Zhou family or the Shen family,they were only involved in one business,which was running a weapon shop.

Under the pressure from the Zhou family,the Shen family had to recall all their people from the weapon shop,while the Zhou family's people were still here.

Upon entering the weapon shop,a waiter immediately greeted Su Xin,saying,"What does the gentleman want to buy?Our Zhou family has a wide variety of weapons,including swords,spears,knives,halberds,axes,hooks,forks,and more.If the gentleman desires custom-made weapons,we can also meet your requirements,but the price would be higher."

Su Xin smiled gently and said,"I'm looking for Zhou Guanglin from your Zhou family to discuss a major deal."

Upon hearing that it was a big deal,the waiter's eyes lit up with joy.Customers who came to their Zhou family's weapon shop were not just ordinary wandering cultivators looking to buy weapons.Some local small forces also needed weapons and would come to their Zhou family's weapon shop to make large purchases.

So when the waiter heard Su Xin mentioning a big deal,he thought Su Xin was one of those representatives of other forces wanting to buy a large number of weapons.He immediately led Su Xin to meet Zhou Guanglin.

In the second floor of the weapon shop,the waiter knocked on a room door and said,"Third Master,someone wants to discuss a major deal with our Zhou family.Please come and make the decision."

When Zhou Guanglin,who was inside the room,heard that it was a big deal,he was initially excited.However,when he went out and saw the young Su Xin standing at the door,he couldn't help but feel disdainful,inwardly complaining that the waiter was making a fuss over nothing.

What kind of big deal could it be that required such a young person to handle it?Even if it was about a dozen weapons,it wouldn't be considered a big deal.

"I wonder if this gentleman has any major business to cooperate with our Zhou family?"Zhou Guanglin said somewhat dismissively.

Su Xin smiled and said,"How about a deal to buy your life?"

Zhou Guanglin's expression changed instantly.The aura emanating from the young man in front of him soared to the peak of the Divine Palace realm in an instant.The ice-blue sword edge unsheathed,and in an instant,a chilling coldness burst forth,freezing everything!

Before the sword was sheathed again,a move that took less than a breath's time,Su Xin had already left.

In the room,only the waiter,who was on the verge of exclaiming in shock,and Zhou Guanglin,who was now without a head,remained!

With Su Xin's current strength,dealing with these ordinary Divine Palace realm warriors was too simple.With the element of surprise,he could directly slay them.

In just half a day,Su Xin single-handedly killed three Divine Palace realm warriors from the Zhou family,while the Zhou family had just received the news.

In the deepest courtyard of the Zhou family,the old ancestor of the Zhou family,who was about the same age as Old Man Shen,knelt respectfully on the ground,pleading to the figure hidden in the darkness.

"Master,it's really not that we don't want to completely wipe out the Shen family.It's just that this suddenly emerged Meng Qingze is too strong.He definitely has the strength to be in the top thirty of the Ranking of People.Our Divine Palace realm warriors are simply no match for him."

"No need to say more.I only want results!"The voice from the darkness was cold,sending shivers down the spine of the Zhou family's old ancestor.

"Yes,Master,I understand."The Zhou family's old ancestor had no choice but to grit his teeth and promise,respectfully withdrawing from the courtyard.

At this moment,in the main hall of the Zhou family,many warriors of the Zhou family were waiting for the patriarch's instructions.

When the patriarch of the Zhou family came out,the remaining disciples of the Zhou family anxiously said,"Patriarch,that suddenly emerged Meng Qingze has killed three Divine Palace realm warriors of our Zhou family.There's simply no one who can contend with him.Shouldn't we quickly retract our disciples from outside and start defending?Otherwise,the Shen family will come knocking at our door."

The patriarch of the Zhou family snorted,"Defend?What's there to defend against?I refuse to believe that the Shen family can turn the tables with just one person!We don't need to wait three days for a life-and-death battle.Gather all the strength of our Zhou family now and attack the Shen family!"

The disciples of the Zhou family looked at their patriarch with astonishment,not understanding why he would issue such an order.

Previously,the Zhou family ordered the attack on the Shen family because they had absolute superiority.But now,with Meng Qingze's assistance,they are clearly at a disadvantage.Isn't it suicidal to act now?However,the authority of the Zhou family ancestor is significant.With his command,even if some of the remaining Zhou disciples oppose it,it's futile.So,the Zhou disciples had no choice but to start gathering their forces,preparing to attack the Shen family with all their might.

Meanwhile,after killing three Divine Palace realm warriors from the Zhou family,Su Xin returned directly to the Shen family.This excited the Shen family members,who immediately wanted to host a banquet for Su Xin,but he declined.Su Xin wasn't interested in feasting at the Shen family.While the Shen family discussed how to counterattack the Zhou family,Su Xin secretly turned the Shen family upside down,but still found no clues about the ground-level weapon.

Su Xin began to suspect whether the Shen family even knew they possessed something as valuable as a ground-level weapon.He had previously used his mental probing technique on both Zhou and Shen disciples but found nothing.Zhou disciples only knew that the order to attack the Shen family came from their ancestor,and Shen disciples had no memory of anything brought from outside.Failing to find any clues,Su Xin decided to rest first,letting the Shen and Zhou families weaken each other.Once their strengths were depleted,and his promise to Xie Zhiyan was almost fulfilled,he would start searching slowly.

Su Xin remembered something as he passed by the living room.He heard Shen Congwu say,"If we can really wipe out the Zhou family this time and take control of the Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine belonging to the Zhou family,do we still need to submit the same share as before?"

Hearing this,Su Xin shook his head.The Shen family seemed too greedy.The Yijian Sect didn't seize their Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine because they were a righteous sect and wouldn't engage in forcible acquisitions.But if the Shen family thought this was a sign of weakness or leniency,they were mistaken.The Yijian Sect wouldn't participate directly,but once they gave the order,countless forces would swarm in for their share,willingly submitting a portion to the Yijian Sect in exchange for protection.

Su Xin walked to his room,thinking the Shen family's plans were too idealistic.According to his plan,the Shen family wouldn't solely control the Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine in the end.It might end up divided among four or even five families.However,he suddenly realized something and slapped his forehead.He had been revolving around the Shen and Zhou families,but he overlooked one crucial point.The Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine belonged to both families'territories.Was it possible that the ground-level weapon was buried within this mine?If so,it would explain why the Zhou family was willing to destroy the Shen family to obtain their share of the mine,achieving two goals at once.

With this realization,Su Xin walked straight into the hall.By now,the Shen family knew that the Zhou family had gathered all their disciples to attack them.Seeing Su Xin,Shen Congren hastily said,"Master Meng,you've come just in time.The Zhou family has launched a major attack.We hope you can lead us and kill their spirit."

A mocking smile played on Su Xin's lips."Shen Wuye,don't forget,I only promised to prevent the Zhou family from destroying the Shen family.I never said I'd help you destroy the Zhou family."

The faces of the Shen family members turned awkward.Su Xin continued,"Now,the Zhou family probably only has two Divine Palace realm warriors left.Can't you handle them?"

Shen Congwu forced a smile.They could handle them,but with Meng Qingze's help,the losses for the Shen family could be minimal.Su Xin then requested,"Mr.Shen,could you lend me a few people?I need to dig something in your Yuanmagnetic Essence Iron mine."

"What do you need to dig?"Shen Congwu asked puzzledly.

"A treasure.The treasure that caused the Zhou family to want to annihilate the Shen family,"Su Xin replied calmly.