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Chapter 324:The Decree Star Lord

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Upon hearing these two words,the people of the Shen family were suddenly stunned,then quickly understood what Su Xin meant.Haha...

So,the reason why the Zhou family went to such lengths,disregarding their own losses to annihilate the Shen family,was for this treasure?

The people of the Shen family thought it made sense.Otherwise,they couldn't explain why the Shen family had been at peace with the Zhou family for decades,but now the Zhou family suddenly seemed crazed and eager for a showdown.

Shen Congwu asked cautiously,"Master Meng,does that mean this treasure,once unearthed,belongs to our Shen family?"

Su Xin sneered inwardly.Indeed,the people of the Shen family were all greedy.How could they dare to ask such a question at this time?

However,Su Xin replied calmly on the surface,"Of course it belongs to you.Would I,Meng Qingze,be someone who robs others of their wealth?I'm simply curious about what's buried in the mineral deposits of your Shen family,something you yourselves are unaware of."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,the people of the Shen family were delighted once again.

In fact,Shen Congwu dared to ask Su Xin this question because of his identity.After all,Zong Haoyang's integrity was beyond doubt,and Meng Qingze,as his disciple,was no different.

Moreover,Meng Qingze even referred to Shen Xijun as"Mother Master."With such a relationship,he probably wouldn't feel comfortable killing for treasure.

So,the elderly Shen patriarch led a group of people to the mine with Su Xin to excavate the treasure,while Shen Congwu and Shen Congren led the disciples of the Shen family to confront the Zhou family.

The Shen family's mine was located just outside the Moliang Prefecture,very close,only a little over a mile away.

Originally,this area was part of the Moliang Prefecture,but it was separated later when a magnetite mine was discovered.

The Zhou and Shen families each obtained half of the mine.They initially thought it was just an ordinary magnetite mine,so they didn't pay much attention and casually divided it into two.

It wasn't until later that they unexpectedly discovered the existence of refined magnetite,realizing it wasn't just any magnetite mine but a valuable refined magnetite mine.

At this point,other martial forces coveted it and wanted to seize it.However,the Shen family and the Zhou family weren't foolish.They promptly handed over ninety percent of the profits from the mine to the Yijian Sect,thus avoiding trouble.

At this time,during the fierce battle between the Shen and Zhou families,both sides'mines were deserted.

The refined magnetite mine was approximately three thousand yards in diameter,divided in half with a high wall in between.

The Shen family's magnetite mine had already been half excavated,with some parts dug down to a depth of ten yards.These places were obviously unnecessary to search,as any treasures would have been discovered long ago.

So,the Shen patriarch instructed the Shen family's martial artists to excavate in the remaining unexplored areas.

The martial artists the Shen patriarch brought were all postnatal warriors,so their excavation speed was dozens or even hundreds of times faster than the ordinary laborers before.In just half a day,they thoroughly searched the remaining mine,yet found no clues to any treasures.

At this point,the gaze of the Shen family turned to Su Xin.

But at this moment,Su Xin himself was also puzzled.Could he have been wrong?

However,Su Xin suddenly looked up and,upon seeing the wall separating the Shen and Zhou family mines,he suddenly realized something and said,"Knock down those walls and continue digging."

In the past,the Shen family would never have dared to knock down those walls.But now,both the Shen and Zhou families were almost at the point of life and death,so who cared about such things?

With Su Xin's command,the Shen family immediately knocked down the walls and resumed digging.

Meanwhile,in the distance,there was the sound of battle cries.Shen's patriarch's expression changed suddenly because he recognized Shen Congwu's voice among them!

Everyone turned to look and saw that there were only about a dozen people left from the Shen family.Shen Congwu and Shen Congren were obviously seriously injured,barely leading their men towards the mine.

Behind them,the people of the Zhou family were in hot pursuit.Most of them seemed uninjured,and there were even hundreds of them.

The Shen patriarch's heart sank.The Zhou family had already lost three Martial Realm warriors to Su Xin.How could the Shen family be losing so badly?

The Shen patriarch was about to ask for Su Xin's help,but Su Xin was staring coldly at a particular spot and said,"Keep digging!"

The disciples of the Shen family exchanged glances.Since the patriarch hadn't given any orders,they had no choice but to continue digging.

By now,Shen Congwu and the others had arrived.The people from the Zhou family were right behind them,almost reaching Su Xin.At this moment,Su Xin drew his sword.

A blue sword aura swept out.Although it was a scorching summer day,it gave people a chilling sensation as if the sun had disappeared.

The sword aura swept through,and more than ten Zhou family warriors were immediately frozen in place,covered in frost,as if they had turned into ice sculptures and shattered into several pieces when they fell to the ground.Because their bodies were frozen,there was no blood flowing out.

Seeing this eerie scene,the disciples of the Zhou family were immediately frightened and dared not move forward.

They were on the brink of completely annihilating the Shen family,but because of one person,they had to retreat.How could the patriarch of the Zhou family accept this?

However,considering Su Xin's current strength,their Zhou family's hundred or so people gathered here probably couldn't match him.So,the patriarch of the Zhou family could only come over respectfully and say,"Master Meng,our Zhou family's only opponent is the Shen family.As long as you don't favor the Shen family,whatever the Shen family offers you,we will double,no!Triple it!"


Su Xin snorted coldly,and the people of the Zhou family dared not speak any further.

The people of the Shen family immediately showed expressions of relief.They knew that Master Meng would never abandon them.

"I found it!I found it!"

At this moment,a disciple of the Shen family suddenly shouted.

Su Xin leaned over to take a look.The thing the disciple of the Shen family dug out seemed to be a stone platform,with a long sword inserted into it.The sword's body was crimson,but it wasn't the same blood-red as the Rose Sword;rather,it was the color of flames.

The sword seemed to be made of condensed flames.A wave of heat could be felt around it.Just by its appearance,one could sense its extraordinary nature.

The old patriarch of the Shen family stared at the long sword,his eyes gleaming.Excitedly,he held his trembling cane and said,"This is at least a low-grade weapon!With it,the strength of my Shen family will surely rise to a higher level!"

For a martial artist,a weapon's upgrade meant a huge improvement.While ordinary innate martial artists still used yellow-grade or even ungraded weapons,holding a low-grade weapon could even achieve a one-strike-kill effect.It wasn't an exaggeration to say that one sword could defeat a thousand troops.

"The guilty party carries the burden of guilt.Do you think your Shen family deserves to possess such a low-grade weapon?"Su Xin said lightly.

Suddenly,the old patriarch of the Shen family felt something was wrong.Meng Qingze's attitude seemed somewhat different from before,too indifferent.

Before,although Meng Qingze's attitude towards their Shen family wasn't great,they thought it was normal.After all,he was Zong Haoyang's disciple.If he had been nice to their Shen family,that would have been strange.

However,now,Meng Qingze's attitude seemed extremely indifferent to the old patriarch of the Shen family,almost as if he were looking at a dead person.This indifference made the old patriarch of the Shen family feel a chill.

But just as Su Xin was about to take the sword,a voice suddenly came from the Zhou family's side,"That's right,how can such humble beings like you deserve the legendary Pei Sword,Chi Fire Flame Dragon,once wielded by Nangong,the Ninth Flame Sword Saint?"

A seemingly ordinary disciple of the Zhou family walked out from the crowd,tore off the clothes of the Zhou family's people,revealing the white and golden brocade embroidered with mysterious patterns underneath.

Seeing this attire,Su Xin suddenly felt familiar.The style of this white and golden brocade was almost the same as the black and golden brocade of the underworld,with only slight variations in the various patterns.

The Celestial Realm!

These two words flashed in Su Xin's mind.The Judge of the Underworld had once told him about the Celestial Realm,the great enemy of the underworld.

Now,most of the systems in the underworld were modeled after the Celestial Realm,which had existed for thousands of years.

For example,concealing one's identity with specially made masks,and addressing each other by titles,were all reminiscent of the Celestial Realm.The way the person in front of Su Xin behaved reminded him of the officials from the Celestial Realm,making Su Xin immediately think of the Celestial Realm.

Sure enough,the mysterious person then took off the human skin mask on his face,revealing not a normal face,but a mask.It was the mask of the legendary Judge of Destiny!

The mainstay of the Southern Dipper,the controller of life and death in the Northern Dipper.

This Judge of Destiny was one of the six stars of the Southern Dipper.

And in this instant,the aura on the Judge of Destiny erupted,revealing his existence at the Nascent Soul Realm,which immediately startled everyone present.

Even the Zhou family didn't expect that there was still a Nascent Soul Realm martial arts master hidden on their side,of course,except for the patriarch of the Zhou family.

Seeing the appearance of the Judge of Destiny,there was even a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Looking at the long sword inserted on the stone platform,the Judge of Destiny smiled and said,"I've searched the entire Zhou family and couldn't find this Chi Fire Flame Dragon Sword.I originally planned to swallow the Shen family first and then continue searching,but you've helped me with this step.In that case,I won't be polite."

As soon as the words fell,the Judge of Destiny had already come to Su Xin's front and punched out!

A powerful inner force surged out,filled with endless vitality.However,this vitality was not used for healing,but to take lives!

The Judge of Destiny controlled the lifespan of others.Although this punch seemed full of vitality,it continuously absorbed the vitality of others to strengthen himself,truly a genuine evil martial art.

Facing the attack of a Nascent Soul Realm expert,Su Xin didn't dare to underestimate it.The long sword in his hand immediately erupted with a terrifying sword aura,enveloping the heavens and earth with a black and blue glow.Under the sword aura,endless coldness and the power of death converged into an icy hell,facing the Judge of Destiny's punch!