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Chapter 325 Ye Ji Gate

9513words in this chapter2024-02-27

This wasn't the first time Su Xin had clashed with a cultivator in the Nascent Soul Realm,but the Star Lord of the Fate Star was indeed a formidable opponent.

Under his punch infused with vitality,Su Xin's Frozen Hell shattered inch by inch,and the sword light dissipated into nothingness.

Seizing the opportunity,the Star Lord extended his hand,and a powerful suction emerged,directly pulling the Crimson Fire Flame Dragon Sword into his grasp.

A glint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes.He formed hand seals,and violent true qi surged out,transforming into boundless ice winds.The deathly aura of hell condensed into endless wailing ghosts,rushing towards the Star Lord.

Among the techniques of the Frozen Hell True Understanding,there were more than ten methods.Apart from swordsmanship,Su Xin primarily cultivated the Frozen Hell Seal Technique.

The icy winds were chilling,and the endless ghosts wailed,devouring the mind.However,the Star Lord also formed a seal,and endless radiance blossomed,dispelling the sinister energy into nothingness.

"If even a God Palace Realm cultivator possesses such strength,your identity is probably not as simple as Meng Qingze's,right?But no matter how strong the God Palace Realm is,it's just a God Palace,a world of difference,insurmountable!"

The Star Lord's palm struck,and the formidable palm force condensed into a vortex,beginning to absorb the surrounding natural energy,Su Xin's inner energy,and even his life force!

Su Xin's expression changed abruptly.The techniques of the Star Lord were indeed somewhat sinister,almost like an enhanced version of the Star Absorption Technique.

Su Xin hastily retreated,but a powerful wave of qi suddenly erupted from the Star Lord's body.Many cultivators present spat out blood,and their bodies involuntarily moved towards the Star Lord.

Su Xin no longer cared about concealing his identity.After all,he intended to use the identity of Meng Qingze for the last time.

So he directly waved his hands,as if wielding a brush,and instantly dozens of invisible sword qi burst forth.Intense waves of qi exploded,finally counteracting the powerful suction.

A hint of surprise flashed in the Star Lord's eyes again.Who exactly was this person,capable of exchanging several moves with him in the God Palace Realm?

But just as he was about to continue his attack,a distant and prolonged sound of sword resonance came.It was unexpectedly Xie Zhiyan sensing the presence of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and hurriedly rushing over.

The Star Lord's expression changed.He immediately withdrew his intention to attack.

One Su Xin wasn't formidable,and even with Xie Zhiyan,he didn't consider them a threat.The gap between the God Palace Realm and the Nascent Soul Realm wasn't so easily bridged.

But this was the Jian Nan Dao,under the jurisdiction of the Ye Ji Gate.If he could not swiftly defeat Su Xin and Xie Zhiyan,and instead attracted the attention of Ye Ji Gate,it would backfire.

Just as the Star Lord was about to leave,the patriarch of the Zhou family suddenly rushed out and exclaimed,"My Lord,didn't you promise to take me into the Heavenly Court and extend my lifespan?"

The Star Lord sneered coldly,"Sorry,I lied to you.The Heavenly Court doesn't accept trash like you."

With that,the Star Lord's figure quickly disappeared,leaving no trace in moments.

The patriarch of the Zhou family looked at the remaining few dozen of his clan,laughed bitterly,and spurted blood on the spot,directly killed by rage.

The situation was no better for the Shen family.They were already injured,and under the fluctuations caused by the confrontation between the Star Lord and Su Xin,the patriarch of the Shen family,who was already weak,fainted.It seemed he wouldn't survive.

Su Xin furrowed his brows.Now the situation of both the Zhou and Shen families almost fulfilled his promise to Xie Zhiyan earlier-to attract several third-rate noble families to settle in Maling Prefecture,ensuring their constant internal strife and preventing them from plotting against the Ye Ji Gate.

However,his mission this time had failed.

The appearance of the Star Lord caught Su Xin off guard.He was sure that this time there must have been a flaw in the calculations of the rotating king.He didn't anticipate the sudden appearance of the Star Lord.

No matter how strong he was,he was only in the God Palace Realm,while the Star Lord had already reached the Nascent Soul Realm.Even if the underworld trusted him,they wouldn't send him to contend with the Star Lord.

At this moment,Xie Zhiyan had arrived.Looking at the current scene,Xie Zhiyan frowned,"What exactly happened?"

Su Xin spread his hands and told Xie Zhiyan the whole story,of course,concealing the fact that he knew everything beforehand.

"In short,that Star Lord of the Heavenly Court hid in the Zhou family,intending to find the Crimson Fire Flame Dragon Sword.When the Zhou family failed to find it,he planned to let them merge with the Shen family before searching the Shen family.In the end,when I found the sword,he revealed his identity to snatch it."

Overall,the Star Lord's plan was similar to Su Xin's.However,because of his formidable strength,he could manipulate the Zhou family's patriarch to annihilate the Shen family first and then search slowly.Su Xin feared causing too much commotion and alerting the Ye Ji Gate,so he intended to cripple both families before searching.Their intentions were similar.

Unfortunately,there was a miscalculation in the underworld's planning,which allowed the Star Lord to succeed.

"Heavenly Court?Star Lord of Fate?"Xie Zhiyan's eyes showed confusion,evidently she hadn't heard of this name before.

Initially,when Su Xin went to complete that peripheral mission,Liu Xiao had recognized Su Xin's origin.However,that was because he came from the Golden Jade Tower,and he himself was the only son of Liu Qianfang,the head of the Golden Jade Tower.So,he was qualified to know these secrets.Now,Xie Zhiyan obviously didn't know about any of this.

"Let's go,you come back to Ye Ji Gate with me first.I'll take you to see Xiner and report everything here to the sect,"Xie Zhiyan said.

Su Xin nodded and followed Xie Zhiyan to Ye Ji Gate.

Ye Ji Gate's main gate wasn't far from Maling Prefecture,built on top of a massive peak.

The shape of this peak was like a straight sword piercing the sky,so it was also called the Sword Peak.

Xie Zhiyan led Su Xin up the Sword Peak.Along the way,some disciples,upon seeing Xie Zhiyan,respectfully called her"Senior Sister."

Within Ye Ji Gate,Xie Zhiyan's prestige was still very high.There was no other reason than the fact that the young generation of Ye Ji Gate now relied heavily on Xie Zhiyan to carry the banner.

Since the battle more than twenty years ago,Ye Ji Gate's strength had rapidly begun to decline.Even in the past decade,there hadn't been a single disciple from Ye Ji Gate who succeeded in reaching the Ranking List.This was considered unbelievable by other sects.

For the other top sects,it might be normal for no one from their current generation to make it to the Ranking List.But in the next generation,there would definitely be someone eligible to make it.After all,it was impossible for a top sect to have a gap in its inheritance.Disciples of various ages would have the opportunity.

The battle over twenty years ago left Ye Ji Gate severely weakened,resulting in more than ten years without anyone making it to the Ranking List.It wasn't until recent years,when Xie Zhiyan's generation grew up,that she managed to get back onto the Ranking List and revive the glory of Ye Ji Gate.

And ten years from now,those disciples from Ye Ji Gate who were brought to travel the world by Xie Zhiyan should also be in their twenties.By then,they would either be in the Nascent Soul Realm or the God Palace Realm,qualifying them to make it to the Ranking List.This way,there wouldn't be a significant gap in Ye Ji Gate's inheritance.

Ye Ji Gate followed an elite path.The mainline disciples of Ye Ji Gate numbered only about five hundred,and even including other outer disciples and some managing staff,it didn't exceed three thousand.So,the vast Ye Ji Gate seemed very quiet.

Xie Zhiyan brought Su Xin to a martial arts arena.At this moment,a cultivator in the God Palace Realm,who seemed quite old,was teaching some young disciples swordsmanship.Among them,the one leading was none other than Xiner.

Xiner,who was already ten years old,had grown taller.The baby fat on her cheeks had disappeared,giving her a hint of elegance.

Among the disciples present,none were older than fifteen,and all were at the acquired realm.Only Xiner had reached the innate realm,presenting herself as the senior sister.

At this moment,Xie Zhiyan called out softly,"Xiner,guess who's here?"

Xiner put down the sword in her hand.When she turned her head and saw Su Xin,the long sword in her hand fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

The moment she saw Su Xin,Xiner's eyes turned red.She immediately threw herself into Su Xin's arms,large tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Wuu wuu wuu!Brother,you lied to me!Why didn't you come to see me for such a long time?"Su Xin patted Xiner's small head and said,"Alright,stop crying.I'm here now."

The other Ye Ji Gate disciples looked at Su Xin with curious eyes.They had heard that Xiner had a brother who was working for the court,and today they finally saw him in person.

The cultivator in the God Palace Realm who was responsible for teaching the young disciples martial arts understandingly clapped his hands and said,"Alright,let's all disperse for now."

The other young disciples dispersed joyfully,and Xie Zhiyan also said,"You two catch up here for a bit.I'll go report to the sect."

After everyone left,Su Xin finally started talking to Xiner,who had stopped crying.

Xiner was originally more mature than ordinary children,and since disciples like her from Ye Ji Gate had started to be individually accepted as direct disciples,she had matured a lot compared to three years ago.She wasn't as clingy to Su Xin as she used to be.

"How have you been learning martial arts at Ye Ji Gate in these three years?Have you been slacking off?"Su Xin asked with a smile.

Xiner wrinkled her nose proudly and said,"I didn't slack off,and I'm the first among the new generation of Ye Ji Gate disciples to break through to the innate realm.Even Master praised my talent."

Su Xin asked,"Xie Zhiyan said you were taken as a disciple by the'Meng Jingxian'of the'Xuanxin Sword Master'?Does he often teach you?"

The current head of Ye Ji Gate,'Xuanxin Sword Master'Meng Jingxian,ranked first on the Ranking List.He was a legendary figure who broke through to the Sun God Realm before he was forty,becoming the youngest among the four Sword Masters.

Xiner shook her head and said,"Master often goes into seclusion,but he's very good to me.Every time he comes out of seclusion,he calls me over for guidance.If there's anything I don't understand,he explains it to me,and I understand everything he says."