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Chapter 326 No Idea

8839words in this chapter2024-02-27

Learning that Meng Jingxian,the master,treated Xiner well,Su Xin felt relieved.

As one of the top five sword sects,Yijianmen was a top-notch sect,and others even hesitated to send their disciples to practice at Yijianmen.

However,Su Xin didn't care about these.He only cared about whether Xiner was being mistreated here.

Su Xin believed that Xie Zhiyan would not mistreat Xiner.However,Xie Zhiyan was only a third-generation disciple of Yijianmen.Even if her master was Meng Jingxian,it was not enough.

So,Su Xin only cared about Meng Jingxian's attitude.

As long as Meng Jingxian treated Xiner well,no one in Yijianmen could mistreat her.

Afterward,Su Xin asked about Xiner's life at Yijianmen,and he was also very satisfied.

Compared to other sects,there were indeed fewer intrigues at Yijianmen.

Perhaps it was because most of the strong members of Yijianmen had fallen more than twenty years ago.Now,Yijianmen only had Meng Jingxian,a peak expert of the Yang God Realm.So,when he said something,others dared not cause trouble secretly.

Su Xin asked Xiner,"Xiner,do you want to leave Yijianmen and go back to Jiangnan with me?"

Xiner was about to agree,but as if she remembered something,she shook her head.

Su Xin frowned,"Why?Are you afraid that Yijianmen will restrict you?"

Xiner shook her head,"It's not like that.Xiner is afraid of dragging down Brother.When I first came to Yijianmen,I wanted to go down the mountain to find Brother.Senior Sister Xie would tell me about your situation from time to time.She told me that you were in a difficult situation now.If I went down the mountain to find you,you would definitely be distracted to take care of me.Moreover,your enemies might use me to threaten you.So,the greatest help I can give you,Brother,is to practice peacefully in Yijianmen.When I can travel the rivers and lakes,I will come to help you,Brother."

Hearing Xiner's words,Su Xin fell silent because what Xiner said was indeed correct.If Xiner went down the mountain,she would indeed become a big weakness for him.

Now,Su Xin had many enemies,and he wasn't worried about the righteous sects of Jiangnan.They were just making small moves behind the scenes.After all,they wouldn't dare to threaten him using Xiner unless those major sects completely lost their shame.

What really worried Su Xin were the remnants of the Wu Kingdom and the people of the White Lotus Sect.

Especially the people of the White Lotus Sect,they were simply a group of cult lunatics who could do anything.Su Xin couldn't guarantee what they might do.

Thinking of this,Su Xin couldn't help but clench his fists.His strength was still somewhat lacking!If he had the peak strength of the Yang God Realm like Meng Jingxian now,ranked first on the Earth Ranking,as long as the whole world knew that Xiner was his sister,no one would dare to touch her.Otherwise,they would have to consider whether they could withstand the revenge of a Yang God Realm expert.

Xiner continued,"Moreover,Brother,you don't need to worry about me.I'm very happy in the sect."

Saying this,Xiner proudly wrinkled her little nose,"Now,among the disciples of the same generation,I am the senior sister."

Su Xin looked at Xiner with some amusement,but he also knew that Xiner was indeed the'senior sister'of her generation.Just by looking at her position on the martial arts field before,she was leading many young disciples of Yijianmen to start practicing.

Almost all martial arts sects followed the rule of the strong being respected among the same generation.If your strength was strong enough,then you were the senior brother or sister of your generation,regardless of your age.

So among the disciples of Xiner's generation,her strength was the strongest,and she was the first to break through to the Innate Realm.Of course,she had to be considered the senior sister.

Seeing Xiner's current appearance,Su Xin felt relieved.Moreover,compared to when she was in Changning Mansion,except for not having him,her brother,by her side,Xiner was actually happier than before.

Su Xin also knew that Xiner had never liked reading and writing since she was a child,and she matured early.She liked learning swordsmanship.She had nothing in common with those little kids who liked to play with mud in the private schools of Changning Mansion,nor could she play with them.

However,there were so many people of the same age practicing together here in Yijianmen,and most of them were a little older than Xiner.They could play together.

Since Xiner wanted to choose such a life,Su Xin didn't force her.He didn't want to restrict Xiner's freedom because of himself.

Anyway,his power was already initially stable now.Unlike before,he was like a rootless duckweed,being chased around everywhere.In the future,if he wanted to see Xiner,he could come directly without waiting for three years.

Just as Su Xin was about to say something else to Xiner,a middle-aged woman with the cultivation of the Nascent Divinity Realm suddenly walked over aggressively.

Seeing this woman approaching,Xiner immediately stood up respectfully and said,"Greetings,Senior Aunt."

Upon hearing Xiner's address,Su Xin narrowed his eyes.Xiner called this woman Senior Aunt,so this woman should belong to the highest generation in Yijianmen,the first-generation disciples.

Yijianmen experienced a disruption due to events over twenty years ago,so the current disciples are roughly divided into four generations.

The first generation consists of those who survived from over twenty years ago,who are on par with the four Grand Sword Masters.

The second generation includes disciples of Xuanxin Sword Master Meng Jingxian's era.Meng Jingxian broke through to the Yang God Realm before the age of forty and became one of the four Grand Sword Masters in just over twenty years.However,he belongs to the second generation of disciples,while the other three Grand Sword Masters are from his master's generation.

The third generation consists of solid members of the younger generation like Xie Zhiyan.

The fourth generation,represented by Xiner,is the generation that the sect has only just begun to cultivate,but they haven't produced any masters yet.

Although Xiner became a disciple of Meng Jingxian,she actually belongs to the third generation,on par with Xie Zhiyan.However,due to her young age,the sect placed her among the fourth generation of disciples.

Since Xiner was practicing in Yijianmen,Su Xin naturally wanted to thoroughly investigate the information about Yijianmen and understand it comprehensively.

Considering this woman's seniority and strength,there was only one person in Yijianmen who fit her status.

She should be Jiang Qiulian,the wife of the previous generation's Grand Sword Master,one of the few first-generation disciples of Yijianmen.

During Meng Jingxian's seclusion,Yijianmen was managed by her.

"Are you Su Xin?"Jiang Qiulian asked coldly,her tone carrying a sense of arrogance,and her gaze toward Su Xin was openly disdainful.

"So what if I am?"Su Xin replied casually.

Jiang Qiulian took a step forward and said coldly,"You know your own identity very well.If you still consider Su Xiner your sister,then you better stay away from her and sever ties with her.Otherwise,not only will Su Xiner be criticized by the martial arts world because of you,but Yijianmen will also be disgraced because of it."

Su Xin sneered in response,"I'm curious,what kind of identity do I have that would cause Xiner to be criticized by the martial arts world?And what does my identity have to do with Yijianmen?"

Jiang Qiulian said coldly,"Su Xin,it's one thing for you to act as a lackey for the court and seek wealth and power,but you have also slaughtered my martial brothers and sisters in Jiangnan,staining your official robes with their blood.Don't you feel ashamed?If others find out about Su Xiner's relationship with you,how could she not be criticized when she ventures into the martial world in the future?Even Yijianmen will be accused of colluding with the court's lackeys!"

Hearing Jiang Qiulian's words,Su Xin burst into wild laughter.He wasn't angry;he genuinely found Jiang Qiulian laughable.It was as if this woman had been practicing in the mountains and forests for tens of thousands of years and couldn't see the situation clearly!

Throughout the dynasties,whether it was establishing the Six Gates or issuing the Heaven,Earth,and Human Lists,the Great Zhou Dynasty had the greatest influence on the martial arts world.So now people in the martial arts world would express such resentment towards the court.But real smart people wouldn't say such things.Ordinary people would say it behind Su Xin's back.Only idiots would say it to his face.She was insulting not only Su Xin but also the Six Gates and the entire Great Zhou Dynasty!

Even the Xiao Family wouldn't dare to say those four words,"lackey of the court."Why do you,Jiang Qiulian,dare to say them now?

Feeling the sarcasm in Su Xin's laughter,Jiang Qiulian couldn't help but angrily retort,"What are you laughing at?What's so funny?"

Su Xin sneered,"Of course I'm laughing at someone who can't see the situation clearly.First of all,Xiner is my sister,and no one can make me sever ties with her.Secondly,if you have the guts,go to the Six Gates headquarters in Shengjing City and say those four words you just said again.Thirdly,what happens in Jiangnan has nothing to do with Yijianmen.Even if I slaughter wantonly in Jiangnan,there are still martial arts sects that are friendly with me.You have no business interfering here!"


Jiang Qiulian shouted angrily,and her imposing aura burst forth as she directly attacked Su Xin.

Xiner behind Su Xin was suddenly startled.

Although this senior aunt usually had a stern appearance and rarely smiled,she had never seen her so fierce.

Su Xin snorted and protected Xiner behind him.

He fully displayed the power of the Mountain Scripture,and an endless blood moon rose.The pressure had no effect on Su Xin at all.

Since stepping into the martial world,Su Xin had encountered several Nascent Divinity Realm martial artists,including the likes of Dong Buyi,who ranked on the Earth Ranking,and Jiang Heliu,a notorious figure.

Although Jiang Qiulian was powerful,she was still much inferior compared to them.