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Chapter 327:Unreasonable

9667words in this chapter2024-02-27

The atmosphere between Jiang Qiulian and Su Xin was tense,and she was surprised in her heart that Su Xin could actually block her momentum with his cultivation level at the God Palace realm.

Furthermore,she only dared to pressure Su Xin with her aura,and she was uncertain if she could really act against him.

She wasn't Meng Jingxian.Although she managed the Yijian Gate on weekdays,Su Xin was still a member of the Six Fan Gate.If she killed him for no reason,the Six Fan Gate would definitely demand an explanation from the Yijian Gate.

But even so,Jiang Qiulian would not tolerate anyone daring to defy her intentions.

As Su Xin said,Jiang Qiulian was not stupid,but she was too arrogant.

Meng Jingxian usually secluded herself for years,and all the affairs within the sect were handled by Jiang Qiulian.

There were still a few disciples of the Yijian Gate,but none had the high status of Jiang Qiulian.

Moreover,she was the widow of the former Lord of the Sen Luo Sword Sect.With such a heavy identity,the disciples of the Yijian Gate would not vie for power with her.

Her long-standing dictatorial way of doing things had made Jiang Qiulian excessively self-confident to the point where,even without Meng Jingxian,she considered herself the master of the Yijian Gate.

So when she learned that Su Xin had come to the Yijian Gate to find Su Xiner,her immediate reaction was to cut off Su Xin's relationship with Su Xiner.They were disciples of the Yijian Gate,and absolutely no stains were allowed!Absolutely not!

It was like when they,the Yijian Gate,fought to exterminate the Corpse Control Sect at all costs,and even snatched back the body of the sect's founder.The glory of the Yijian Gate absolutely did not tolerate anyone trampling on it!

If Su Xin knew Jiang Qiulian's current thoughts,his first reaction would surely be that this woman's obsession with the so-called glory of the Yijian Gate had reached a pathological level.

Such people simply had psychological issues and were impossible to reason with.

And indeed,Jiang Qiulian had reached a point where she was beyond reason.

Seeing that her aura couldn't suppress Su Xin,she turned her sinister gaze towards Su Xiner."You are a disciple of my Yijian Gate.Even if it means sacrificing family for righteousness,you must uphold the glory of my Yijian Gate!So now I command you,you are absolutely not allowed to have any relationship with Su Xin in the future.From now on,you are only a disciple of my Yijian Gate,not his sister!If I find out that you are still in contact with him,even if I have to disable your martial arts,I cannot allow you to tarnish the glory of my Yijian Gate!"

Upon hearing Jiang Qiulian's words,a chilling murderous intent erupted from Su Xin,cold and terrifying,with boundless bloodthirstiness.

Since stepping into the Jianghu,there were nearly a thousand people who died directly at Su Xin's hands,and how many died indirectly?The combined deaths from the five second-rate forces in Jiangnan Road amounted to tens of thousands.

The murderous aura and bloodthirstiness formed by so many deaths combined were probably more than some demonic disciples had.

Without using the Blood River Divine Sword,but at this moment,Su Xin's eyes were a deep crimson,with a hint of dark blue underneath,making Su Xin at this moment seem as terrifying as the legendary demon god.

The True Solution of the Frozen Hell cultivated by Su Xin was the aura of coldness and death of hell.The former was okay,but the latter was even more terrifying than some demonic techniques,affecting Su Xin's mind.

However,under normal circumstances,with Su Xin's strong willpower and the mental suppression brought by the Spirit of Changing Heaven and Earth,he could suppress the effects brought by the True Solution of the Frozen Hell.

But now,in his rage,this aura suddenly erupted,even causing Jiang Qiulian,who was at the Nascent Divinity realm,to be stunned,giving her a sudden feeling of palpitation.

"If you dare to harm Xiner in the slightest,do you believe that I will slaughter the Yijian Gate tomorrow?"Su Xin's cold voice seemed as terrifying as coming from hell itself.

Jiang Qiulian suppressed the palpitation in her heart and sneered,"A toad lusting after a swan's flesh,such arrogance!Slaughter my Yijian Gate?Even if your Six Fan Gate's Chief Constable'Divine Eagle'Tie Ao came,he wouldn't dare to say such words,General Lin Zong from Great Zhou has come,and he wouldn't dare to say such things!What makes you think you can say this?"

"Just because my name is Su Xin!"Su Xin's gaze was cold as he looked at Jiang Qiulian.He wasn't joking or boasting.He was just stating a fact.

Su Xin was a very patient person.If he couldn't destroy you in one day,he would do it in three days.If three days weren't enough,then it would be one year,ten years!

If Jiang Qiulian really dared to harm Xiner,Su Xin saying he would slaughter the Yijian Gate tomorrow was not a joke.

"Daring to boast in front of my Yijian Gate,it's simply audacious!"Jiang Qiulian snorted coldly,and a long sword appeared in her hand,ready to strike.

Since Su Xin had dared to say such words as slaughtering the Yijian Gate,if she didn't teach Su Xin a lesson now,he would really think that the Yijian Gate had declined to the point where even a martial artist at the God Palace realm couldn't be dealt with?

Just as Su Xin was about to use his last resort to confront Jiang Qiulian head-on and leave the Yijian Gate with Xiner,a voice suddenly rang out,"Stop!"

Turning his head,he saw Xie Zhiyan and a martial artist in the Nascent Divinity realm carrying a huge sword walking over.

This Nascent Divinity realm martial artist was Chu Bufan,known as the'Iron Blood Sword Madman'.When he came to the Jiangnan Road to find Xie Zhiyan,he indirectly helped Su Xin.

However,Chu Bufan,who was once at the half-step Nascent Divinity realm,has now reached the Nascent Divinity realm.

Jiang Qiulian snorted coldly."This kid actually dares to speak so boldly in my Yijian Gate.If you don't capture him,why should I stop?"

Xie Zhiyan frowned."Su Xin is a guest of my Yijian Gate.Senior Shizu,what do you mean by shouting and killing here?"

Jiang Qiulian sneered in anger."Guest?When did our Yijian Gate have to collude with the government's lapdogs?"

Su Xin's voice was cold."Government's lapdogs?That's a good term.You've all heard it this time.When I return to the Six Fan Gate,I will report to the authorities about Yijian Gate's attitude towards the court."

Chu Bufan grinned."Daring to threaten my Yijian Gate in person?That's character.I like it.But you don't need to report it.Yijian Gate will naturally give you an explanation for today's events."

After finishing his words,Chu Bufan turned to Jiang Qiulian."Senior Jiang,Senior Brother Meng invites you to stay in the Meditation Pavilion for a while.He will talk to you after he exits seclusion."

Jiang Qiulian's expression changed suddenly."What do you mean?Why should I go to the Meditation Pavilion?"

Although the name Meditation Pavilion sounded nice,it was not a good place within the Yijian Gate.It was specifically for disciples who had made mistakes to reflect and repent.So when Jiang Qiulian heard that Meng Jingxian wanted her to go to the Meditation Pavilion,her expression became extremely ugly.

Chu Bufan maintained his smile."This is Senior Brother's order.You will naturally understand after Senior Brother exits seclusion.So please go voluntarily."

Jiang Qiulian's expression turned cold."Why?Just because of this government's lapdog,I have to go to the Meditation Pavilion for reflection?It's simply a joke!"

Chu Bufan shook his head."I am a junior and naturally cannot force you,Senior Jiang.So please let other senior brothers and sisters persuade you."

As Chu Bufan's words fell,several Nascent Divinity realm auras suddenly approached,including both Nascent Divinity and Integrated Divinity realms.

Feeling these auras,Jiang Qiulian's expression changed abruptly.Under the strong suppression of these auras,she had to walk towards the direction of the Meditation Pavilion.Even Su Xin could feel her reluctance.

After Jiang Qiulian left,Xie Zhiyan said to Su Xin,"I'm sorry,I didn't expect her to be so hostile towards you after learning about your identity."

Su Xin looked at Xie Zhiyan."I want an explanation.Although Xiner wants to stay in the Yijian Gate,in this situation,I don't want her to stay in a sect with a lunatic.Although I am at the God Palace realm now,if I use all my power behind me,I can definitely take Xiner away.You better believe what I say."

What Su Xin said was a fact.If he wanted to take Xiner away,the Yijian Gate couldn't stop him.Last time,because of the incident with Yin Ji coming to Jiangnan Road to pick peaches,the Iron Family owed him a big favor.As long as he made this request,Iron War would definitely come to the Yijian Gate to help him.Even if Iron War didn't come due to concerns,he still had the Underworld as a backing.Su Xin could use the Invisible Sword Qi as a reward for the task of taking people,and ask the strongmen of the Underworld to come forward and demand people from the Yijian Gate.He believed that even if Meng Jingxian exited seclusion,he couldn't stop it.

Before Xie Zhiyan could reply,Chu Bufan snorted coldly."There's nothing to explain.Hasn't the family disgrace already been exposed?You should understand by now.That woman considers herself the widow of the Sen Luo Sword Lord and thinks that her family's sacrifices for the Yijian Gate give her the right to treat it like her personal property.But if this woman were really shrewd,it would be forgivable.Unfortunately,she's too stubborn and not fit to manage a sect.In recent years,with the Yijian Gate healing steadily,there haven't been any major changes,so there haven't been any major mistakes under her management.But as the strength of the Yijian Gate gradually recovers,it will inevitably return to the attention of the martial world.If she continues to manage the Yijian Gate,it will be a disaster."

Chu Bufan pointed at Su Xin."Just now,she wasn't only hostile towards you because of your government identity.If you were from a small sect,she would accuse you of having ulterior motives.If you were a wanderer,she would say you were trying to curry favor with the Yijian Gate.This woman's prejudice has reached a pathological level.Last time,she even fancied arranging a marriage between Zhiyan and Lin Xiao from the Sword God Mountain.That's even more ridiculous!Zhiyan is the most outstanding disciple among the younger generation of my Sword God Mountain.If she marries Lin Xiao,who will resist the banner of my Yijian Gate?Although the Sen Luo Sword Lord sacrificed himself for my Yijian Gate,it doesn't mean she can do whatever she wants within the Yijian Gate."

Xie Zhiyan also said,"Just now,Master has ordered her to reflect in the Meditation Pavilion,and other senior masters have agreed.So you don't need to worry about Xiner's safety in the Yijian Gate.At least within the Yijian Gate,whoever wants to harm Xiner must pass the test of Master.Although he is in seclusion,he is not in a life-or-death situation.If there are any movements within the Yijian Gate,he will know."