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Chapter 328 Return

9182words in this chapter2024-02-27

The crazy Jiang Qiulian was put into solitary confinement,but Su Xin still felt somewhat relieved.

Back when he joined the Six Gates,he anticipated this day.As a hound of the court,he essentially stood against the major forces in the martial world.

Although some enlightened individuals understood that the so-called court and martial sects were essentially the same thing,differing only in interests,such understanding was rare.At least for most orthodox sects,Su Xin's identity as a court hound was second only to those of demonic sects.

Su Xin looked at Xie Zhiyan and said,"Although Xiner is willing to stay within the Yijian Gate,considering the current situation,I am still somewhat worried.Jiang Qiulian is a paranoid lunatic.Will there be such individuals in the Yijian Gate?Will the power struggles of others also harm Xiner?"

Originally,Su Xin was reassured to leave Xiner in the Yijian Gate because there were fewer power struggles within the gate.But now,it seemed that the Yijian Gate couldn't escape this outcome either.As the Yijian Gate gradually regained its strength,more and more disciples appeared,and power struggles became inevitable.

Xie Zhiyan whispered,"Rest assured,while power struggles may occur,they won't affect Xiner.Don't forget who Xiner's master is."

Chu Bufan also added,"That's right,little Xiner is Senior Meng's disciple.Who in the Yijian Gate dares to touch her?Despite that woman's threats to cripple Xiner's martial arts earlier,she only dared to speak.In front of Senior,she wouldn't even dare to fart.The authority she holds is given by Senior,and now that Senior wants to take it back,no one can stop him.While Sword Master Senluo has indeed made great sacrifices for the Yijian Gate,the other two Sword Masters have made similar sacrifices.These years,she has wielded the power of the Yijian Gate as compensation,but now that the Yijian Gate is returning to the martial world,led by Senior Meng,no one within the Yijian Gate can stop it.You're not a disciple of the Yijian Gate,so you don't know the prestige Senior Meng holds within the Yijian Gate.After the battle with the Corpse Chasers,our Yijian Gate almost fell out of the top five sword factions.Various scoundrels emerged wanting to step on us.It was Senior Meng alone who turned the tide,preserving our position.So,as long as Senior Meng is in the Yijian Gate,you don't have to worry about Xiner."

Su Xin wasn't swayed by Chu Bufan's words.He simply looked at Xiner and asked,"Xiner,do you still want to stay in the Yijian Gate?"

Xiner thought for a moment and nodded.She didn't mind the grievances she suffered in the Yijian Gate;she just didn't want to cause trouble for her brother.

Su Xin sighed inwardly and said to Xie Zhiyan,"Miss Xie,I entrust Xiner to you.I only hope that she won't suffer injustices within the Yijian Gate.Otherwise,even if I am powerless,I will demand justice from the Yijian Gate."

Xie Zhiyan replied,"Rest assured,Xiner is not only your sister but also my junior sister.As the disciple of our master,within the Yijian Gate,no one dares to mistreat her."

Su Xin nodded and said,"Very well,I entrust Xiner to you.I won't stay any longer."

Xiner tugged at Su Xin's sleeve,reluctant to see him leave."Brother,are you leaving now?"

Xie Zhiyan also said,"You don't have to rush.You can stay a few more days in the Yijian Gate."

Su Xin shook his head."No,I'd better not.There are some official matters in Jiangnan Province that I haven't finished dealing with yet,so I need to hurry back."

In fact,Su Xin originally wanted to stay a few more days in the Yijian Gate.However,with this incident,he instantly lost interest.Although Jiang Qiulian was ordered to reflect by Senior Meng Xian,today's events would definitely spread.

Having ruled the Yijian Gate for so many years,although Jiang Qiulian couldn't match Meng Xian's prestige,she certainly had a few confidants.Moreover,as the widow of Sword Master Senluo,the disciples of the other Sword Masters of the Yijian Gate would surely stand by her side.

If Su Xin stayed longer in the Yijian Gate,he might encounter these people,which could lead to troublesome conflicts.So,Su Xin decided not to stay any longer.

In Xiner's reluctant gaze,Su Xin left the Yijian Gate,preparing to return directly to Jiangnan Province.

He wasn't in a hurry about the official matters in Jiangnan Province.With people like Huang Bingcheng handling things,there wouldn't be any major issues.However,he needed to report the incident of seizing the Crimson Fire Dragon Sword to the underworld.

Previously,Judge Cui had instructed Su Xin to retrieve the Crimson Fire Dragon Sword without telling him about any background.But when even the Heavenly Court's people were secretly trying to seize it,Su Xin realized that it wasn't that simple.

Any task issued by the underworld was definitely significant enough to affect the underworld and warrant their attention.This indicated that the heavenly-grade weapon,now devoid of its spirit,surely had significant hidden secrets.

Su Xin had indeed heard of the origin of the Crimson Fire Dragon Sword.Its owner was the'Nine Flames Sword Saint,'Nangong,a legendary figure who perished five hundred years ago.He ranked third on the Earth Ranking and was also a self-cultivator like Su Xin,hailing from the southern barbarian lands.

At that time,the southern region of Xiangnan was not as developed as it is now.The Great Zhou Dynasty had only been established there for a little over three hundred years.During this period,opening trade routes with the Central Plains gradually brought prosperity to the southern regions like Xiangnan,and martial arts also flourished.

Five hundred years ago,Xiangnan was truly a wilderness.There were hardly any prefectures,and the entire area was practically ruled by the savage tribes of the southern barbarian lands.

The'Nine Flames Sword Saint,'Nangong,emerged from these lands.When he arrived in the Central Plains,he already possessed the strength of the Initial Divine Transformation stage.He was known for his aloof and mysterious demeanor,and he only referred to himself as Nangong.However,whether Nangong was his compound surname or his first name remained unknown to anyone.

Later,after Nangong,the'Nine Flames Sword Saint,'made his mark in the Central Plains,it was said that he attempted to break through to the True Martial Realm by closing himself off from the world,but he disappeared thereafter.

Such a path was quite normal for someone at his level of cultivation.Almost all self-cultivators who reached that stage would make such a choice.However,what was abnormal was why the underworld was expending so much effort to find Nangong's sword.

If it was merely for the legacy left behind by the'Nine Flames Sword Saint'Nangong,then it would be unreliable.

Currently,the existence of Meng Po and Hou Tu in the underworld was no less significant than that of the'Nine Flames Sword Saint'Nangong.

Unable to understand these matters,Su Xin stopped thinking about them and headed straight back to Jiangnan Province.

After several days of riding,Su Xin was about to leave the Jianan Road.However,he happened to encounter darkness falling and a sudden downpour.Su Xin decided not to continue his journey and instead found a nearby inn to stay for the night.

Pushing open the inn's door,he found quite a few people inside,mostly travelers or warriors who were forced to seek shelter from the rain.

Su Xin immediately attracted the attention of many warriors upon entering.

As warriors,they naturally saw things differently from ordinary people.

While others only saw Su Xin as a traveler seeking shelter from the rain,they could tell that Su Xin,who didn't emit any aura,was definitely a skilled fighter.

Despite the heavy rain outside,he didn't have a single drop of water on him,not even on his shoes.It was evident that his internal energy had reached a certain level,causing the raindrops to be repelled by his emitted true energy before they could touch him.

The innkeeper quickly approached him and asked,"Excuse me,sir,are you here for a meal or to stay?"

Su Xin tossed him a silver ingot and said,"Bring me all of your signature dishes,and then take care of my horse and feed it the best fodder."

Seeing Su Xin's fiery red steed outside,the warriors in the inn became even more convinced of Su Xin's extraordinary background.

Ordinary warriors couldn't obtain such Flame Steeds that were specially bred in the Western Regions.

After weighing the silver in his hand,the innkeeper's face showed a hint of joy.However,he cautiously said,"I'm sorry,sir,due to the heavy rain outside,the inn hasn't been able to go out for supplies,so some of our signature dishes may not be available."

Su Xin waved his hand and said,"It's okay,just bring me the most expensive ones."

The innkeeper agreed and immediately instructed the kitchen to prepare the food.

After Su Xin sat down,some people from the martial world wanted to strike up a conversation and get to know him.

Unfortunately,due to the recent unpleasantness at the Yijian Gate,Su Xin was in a bad mood,and he naturally exuded an aura of hostility,making the warriors present hesitant to approach him.

After a while,the innkeeper brought Su Xin's meal.

Since the inn was not a restaurant and didn't keep a wide variety of ingredients on hand,the innkeeper brought out a large bowl of rice topped with greasy braised pork,accompanied by a rich sauce,two braised chicken legs,and some cold dishes.It looked quite appetizing.

Su Xin wasn't very picky about his food,especially as a congenital warrior who had long passed the stage of refining essence and transforming qi.

Taking a bite,Su Xin found that the chef of the inn was quite skilled.The braised pork was fatty but not greasy,with a rich and flavorful sauce.The side dishes were also refreshing and delicious.

Just as Su Xin was halfway through his meal,the inn's door was kicked open rudely,and a gust of wind and rain blew in,causing everyone in the inn to shudder,their faces showing traces of anger.

Su Xin frowned,released his true energy to block the raindrops that were about to fall into his meal.

At this moment,five black-clad warriors walked in through the inn's door.

Among them was a young woman in her twenties,who was particularly striking.With crescent-shaped eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes always carrying a smile,her tight-fitting black warrior suit accentuated her curvaceous figure.

Beautiful women always had privileges.At the sight of this woman,the martial artists who had originally wanted to stand up and confront her all sat back down.