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Chapter 329:The Five Ghosts of Xiangxi and the He Family

7533words in this chapter2024-02-27

These five individuals were quite peculiar,with the exception of the leading woman,the others seemed rather nervous.

However,Su Xin sensed a strange aura emanating from them,a very subtle but unmistakable scent of bloodlust.

Su Xin had felt this kind of aura from someone before,the assassin from the Blood Cloak Tower who had once tried to kill him.

But compared to the people in front of him,that assassin from the Blood Cloak Tower was nothing.Even the leading woman possessed the pinnacle strength of the Divine Palace realm.

However,none of this mattered to Su Xin;he was simply here for a meal.

"Waiter,bring us some food and a few jars of good wine,"the woman's voice was soft and charming,enough to make one's bones melt.

Before the food and drinks arrived,the woman and her companions discreetly glanced around the inn.Seeing only a few local martial artists inside,with the highest being at the early-stage of the Innate Sea Qi realm,they breathed a sigh of relief.

However,when their gaze fell on Su Xin,the expressions of the five individuals suddenly tightened.A master!Definitely a master!

Though Su Xin was currently concealing his aura,for people like them who constantly lurked in the shadows,it was easy to see through such rudimentary concealment techniques.

In their perception,Su Xin,at this moment,was not just a handsome young man having a peaceful meal;he exuded a ferocious aura akin to a blood-red sun!

Yes,a blood-red sun,his explosive power seemed to shine like one,but his body was tinged with a bloodthirsty aura,staining that metaphorical sun crimson.

No one knew how many people he had killed to cultivate such a powerful bloodthirsty aura.

However,seeing Su Xin calmly eating,they finally relaxed.If he had come to hunt them down,they probably wouldn't have gotten this far.

After the food and drinks arrived,the woman and her companions had just taken a few bites when the inn's door was kicked open once again.

No,it was more like kicked open and sent flying,with wooden splinters scattering into the hall.The nearest table to the door erupted in anger as someone stood up,cursing,"Damn it!Who the hell is causing trouble?Had enough of living?"

But before he could finish his sentence,a dark shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.A pair of hands,wearing iron gloves,plunged into his chest,extracting his heart and crushing it!

The people in the hall shuddered,some turning pale at the gruesome sight before them.It was undeniably terrifying.

Standing before the corpse of the martial artist was a strange figure clad in black,his face scarred and disfigured as if severely burnt,with bizarre hues marring his complexion,barely discernible features giving him an almost demonic appearance.

Especially after he casually crushed a man's heart,the iron gloves now stained with blood,he seemed like a demon reincarnate.

"Hehehe!Be careful what you say next time.Oh,sorry,seems like there won't be a next time for you."

The man's voice grated like metal scraping against metal,sending chills down everyone's spine.

Through the shattered door,four more figures,almost identical to him in appearance,entered.Each one was grotesque,resembling demons themselves.

Suddenly,someone whispered in shock,"The Five Ghosts of Xiangxi!It's them!"

At the mention of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi,everyone present gasped,recognizing these infamous criminals.

The Five Ghosts of Xiangxi were five brothers from the Xiangxi region,all of them originally wandering cultivators.

It was said that when they were young,their home was engulfed in a great fire,killing their parents.They survived by hiding in a water tank,though the boiling water left them horribly disfigured.

Later,while burying their parents'bodies,they accidentally unearthed a sinister martial art.

Using this dark art,they managed to cultivate to the pinnacle of the Divine Palace realm.But eventually,their actions in Xiangxi stirred up too much trouble,and they were hunted down by a Nascent Divinity expert,forcing them to flee.

Arriving in the Central Plains,they continued their disruptive ways,causing chaos just like they did in Xiangxi.However,unlike the remote regions they came from,where there were few martial sects or righteous organizations to oppose them,in the Central Plains,they attracted the ire of various righteous sects who threatened to wipe them out.

When the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi were on the brink of destruction,they were noticed by members of the Zhengjian Alliance and recruited.

Seeing the Zhengjian Alliance intervene,other sects wanting to deal with the Five Ghosts could only begrudgingly back off,giving these five individuals a chance to survive.

The Five Ghosts of Xiangxi had been relatively low-key since joining the Zhengjian Alliance.Their reputation was already tarnished,so they had assisted the Alliance in some unsavory tasks.Now,why were these five killers suddenly here?

Walking in side by side,the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi caused nearby martial artists to pale and retreat.

"Hehehe!The people of the He Family sure have some nerve,daring to steal from Young Master Di.Taking what doesn't belong to you comes with a price.Are you prepared to hand over the goods and die quickly,or shall we capture you,let you enjoy a bit before dying?Miss He Shuying,Miss He,which option do you prefer?"The leader of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi emitted a sinister and eerie laughter,his gaze toward He Shuying filled with lecherous intent.

Hearing this woman's name,Su Xin guessed their identities.They must be from the He family of Shadow Assassins.

The He family,a second-rate noble family,had an ancient lineage stretching back thousands of years.As the name suggested,the He family of Shadow Assassins were a clan of assassins.Their ancestors were covert assassins trained by a dynasty a millennium ago.When that dynasty fell,the He family persisted.

However,in the era dominated by the Blood Cloak Tower assassins,the Shadow Assassins of the He family were destined to decline,reducing the once top-tier martial force to a second-rate status.

Seeing the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi pursuing them,He Shuying's complexion turned pale,but she coldly retorted,"We're not engaging in betrayal.It's Di Yunfei who's been reckless.That was supposed to be the lair of a legendary demon race.His intelligence was wrong.To obtain the item,our He family sent over thirty elites.Yet only five of us returned.After expending so much effort and sacrificing so many lives,Di Yunfei refused to give us any additional rewards.Don't blame us for disregarding honor."

The leader of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi sneered,"How much is honor worth?We only know that we're serving the Zhengjian Alliance now.If Young Master Di wants your lives,we'll deliver them.Since you're so stubborn,then prepare to die!"

As he spoke,the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi attacked.Instantly,the inn hall was filled with the sounds of battle and cries of terror.

These few individuals practiced sinister techniques,their cultivation speed was abnormal,and their attacks were ruthlessly efficient.

However,the He family assassins were not far behind.They were trained to strike and retreat,skilled in sudden bursts of power,speed,and concealment.

While their battles were intense,within moments,the entire inn hall was on the verge of collapse.

Most of the onlookers and the innkeeper had fled outside,fearing the potential destruction within.

The only outsider left in the inn was Su Xin.

He remained seated at his table,eating and drinking heartily.The surging energies from the martial artists'clashes around him dissipated within a yard of his body.

He Shuying,the eldest daughter of the He family,was struggling.Spotting Su Xin,she suddenly flashed a glint of cunning in her eyes.Moving swiftly,she appeared beside him.

Previously ignoring Su Xin,the leader of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi now glared at him.With a deadly aura,he swung his long scythe,releasing a black qi filled with potent toxins.

A hint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes.With a flick of his chopsticks,they emitted a powerful sword qi,piercing through the leader's defenses and embedding itself into his forehead,pinning him to the ground!

The ferocious battle between the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi and the He family came to a halt.All eyes turned to Su Xin,their gazes filled with disbelief.

To kill the leader of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi with just a chopstick...How strong was this man?

Especially He Shuying,she realized Su Xin's strength was extraordinary,but she never expected him to be this formidable.

She had only intended to divert trouble towards Su Xin temporarily,but she never thought he would be this powerful.

It felt as if an ordinary bystander had suddenly transformed into a demon king,catching everyone off guard.