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Chapter 330:Heaven's Dao Stone

9030words in this chapter2024-02-27

With just a chopstick,Su Xin killed the leader of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi,catching everyone present off guard.

Although the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi were notorious for their evil deeds,their bond was exceptionally strong.The five brothers had supported each other since childhood,aspiring to join the prestigious Zengjian Alliance for a glorious future.However,unexpectedly,the eldest brother died here.

The eyes of the remaining four instantly turned red,brimming with a frenzy of murderous intent as they lunged towards Su Xin.

However,Su Xin didn't even lift his head.With a wave of his hand,four sword qi struck out,tearing through the void in an invisible manner.The protective true qi of the remaining Four Ghosts of Xiangxi was torn apart as easily as tofu before this sword qi.

The Invisible Sword Qi of Pre-Natal Body Breakage was a technique that heavily relied on internal energy.While Su Xin's original internal energy was top-notch with the support of Purple Mist Divine Art and Mountain Scripture,it wasn't considered top-tier.After all,these two martial arts relied on their respective special abilities rather than solely on internal energy.

But now,Su Xin possessed the Frost Hell True Solution.The internal energy enhancement brought about by this ancient martial art was profound,elevating Su Xin's internal energy to the peak attainable by a martial artist in the Divine Palace realm.Naturally,the power of the Invisible Sword Qi of Pre-Natal Body Breakage became much stronger.

Among other wandering cultivators,the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi might have been able to dominate,but in Su Xin's hands,they had no chance to resist and were killed by his sword qi.

At this point,almost everyone from the He family and the martial artists outside the inn were stunned.

The notorious Five Ghosts of Xiangxi died just like that?Killed as easily as chopping vegetables?

Some people found Su Xin familiar,but couldn't guess his identity.

After defeating Lin Xiao last time,Su Xin rose to twelfth place on the ranking list.However,his advancement was only by three spots,not enough to enter the top ten,so it didn't attract much attention.

His information only added a new martial art named Invisible Sword Qi of Pre-Natal Body Breakage,so this news didn't cause much of a stir.

Perhaps martial artists from Jiangnan Road would recognize Su Xin's Pre-Natal Invisible Body Breaking Sword Qi,but to others,his Blood River Divine Sword was still the most memorable.After all,he had used this martial art more frequently before,and the Blood River Divine Sword had almost become one of Su Xin's signature martial techniques.

After the initial surprise,He Shuying walked gracefully towards Su Xin,her chest puffed out,and in a cloying voice,she said,"This young lady thanks this young hero for his assistance..."

Her words stopped abruptly,not because she didn't want to continue,but because Su Xin's hand was already gripping her delicate neck.Looking at Su Xin's cold eyes,she had no doubt that he might snap her neck in the next moment!

Everyone present was somewhat taken aback.What was going on?Wasn't it supposed to be a hero saving a beauty?How did it suddenly turn into this?

Su Xin said lightly,"I really dislike being used as a tool.I mind my own business,but you disturbed me,so you're in the wrong."

With Su Xin holding her by the neck,He Shuying couldn't produce that sweet,cloying voice anymore.Her face showed fear as she said,"Sir,spare my life!We were wrong!Please,forgive us!"

Coming from an assassin background,the He family members were very sensitive to murderous intent.But right now,they couldn't sense any killing intent from Su Xin,which was even scarier.

People like Su Xin,who seemed calm but could potentially erupt in violence at any moment,were the most terrifying.

He Shuying deeply regretted it now.If she had known this would be the outcome,she wouldn't have provoked Su Xin.It was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.No,Su Xin wasn't just a fire;he was the mouth of a fierce dragon!

Facing the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi,they could run if they couldn't fight,but facing Su Xin,He Shuying couldn't muster the courage to escape.

Su Xin tilted his head and said,"Let you go?Not so fast.First,tell me why the Zengjian Alliance sent the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi to chase you,and why does it seem to involve Di Yunfei?"

Upon hearing this,the other two uninjured members of the He family's expression changed drastically,and they hurriedly tried to flee.

Coming from an assassin background,their ability to retreat immediately upon failing to strike was strong.In almost an instant,they had fled to the outside of the inn.

But fast as they were,Su Xin was faster.

Utilizing the Wind God's Leg,Su Xin's figure seemed to transform into a wisp of breeze,and in an instant,he had appeared in front of the two.With a pointed finger,two blood lines penetrated their foreheads,and two blood holes appeared,oozing red and white fluids.

Before everyone could react,Su Xin returned to his original position,patted He Shuying's smooth and fair cheek,and smiled,"You're obedient.You didn't run away."

He Shuying didn't not run away because she didn't want to;she knew even if she did,she wouldn't be able to escape from Su Xin.His terrifying speed was beyond comparison with the He family's techniques.

Su Xin pinched He Shuying's pretty face;it felt good,and He Shuying flashed a seductive smile.But the smile froze as Su Xin's hand tightened around her neck once again.

"Where were we?Right,why were the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi after you?And what's the connection with Di Yunfei from the Zengjian Alliance?"

He Shuying had seen the fate of the two He family members just now.She dared not hide anything from Su Xin and detailed the whole incident.

The matter was quite simple,stemming from Di Yunfei hiring the He family assassins to steal something from a demon clan's secret place.

For ordinary people in the martial world,the existence of demon clans was mere legend,but not for top martial forces.The demon clan's secluded places were often sites of extraordinary spiritual treasures,where rare and precious items were born.

This time,Di Yunfei received information that there was a Thunder Attribute Heaven's Dao Stone in a small demon clan's secret place.

The Heaven's Dao Stone was a product of heaven and earth's creation,containing profound mysteries of the cosmos.If used by a martial artist in the Divine Palace realm who practiced thunder techniques,they could instantly comprehend the way of thunder within it.The Heaven's Dao Stone would automatically absorb the elemental energy of heaven and earth to refine their soul,enabling them to break through to the Divine Transformation realm.Moreover,those who ascended to the Divine Transformation realm in this manner had no side effects whatsoever,and their strength was comparable to those who ascended after achieving unity with heaven and man.

Such celestial treasures appeared in the martial world of the Central Plains only a few times,making them priceless.

For most martial artists,demon clan secret places were merely hearsay,impossible to see.However,Di Yunfei had detailed information about this demon clan's secret place and hired the He family assassins to steal the Heaven's Dao Stone.

While the He family infiltrated the demon clan's secret place smoothly,the situation inside was far from what Di Yunfei had described.The disparity between the information they had and the reality led to the death of more than thirty He family assassins,leaving only He Shuying and four others.

Fortunately,demon clans practiced cultivation differently from humans and seemed unconcerned about the Heaven's Dao Stone,allowing He Shuying and the remaining survivors to escape with it.

However,even then,He Shuying was discontented.Their losses were too great this time,and Di Yunfei's reward couldn't make up for it.

The training of He family assassins was strict and arduous,resulting in very few of them becoming fully-fledged martial artists.Losing over twenty people meant almost one-third of the He family's strength was gone.

So He Shuying wanted to negotiate with Di Yunfei,but he didn't even meet them in person,only telling them to hand over the Heaven's Dao Stone and take what they deserved,or else he would kill them.

In a fit of anger,He Shuying fled with the Heaven's Dao Stone,which led to Di Yunfei sending people to pursue them.

Su Xin looked slightly disdainful at the woman;she was another one who couldn't see the situation clearly.

If the He family had the power of the Blood Cloth Tower,they could have negotiated with Di Yunfei using the Heaven's Dao Stone as leverage.But now the He family had declined to the point where they were just a second-rate family.What could they use to threaten Di Yunfei?

Of course,in Su Xin's eyes,Di Yunfei was also foolish.If he had simply eliminated the He family members initially,there wouldn't have been so many complications now.

He Shuying looked at Su Xin with pleading eyes,hoping he would spare her.

"Where's the Heaven's Dao Stone?"Su Xin asked.

He Shuying pointed to her chest.

She regretted it now;she should have just handed the Heaven's Dao Stone over to Di Yunfei obediently.With the reward he offered,they could have made up for some of their losses.

But now,they had lost all except her,and not only had they offended the Zengjian Alliance,but they also couldn't keep the Heaven's Dao Stone.

Su Xin reached into He Shuying's chest,but instead of lingering on her chest,he directly pulled out a stone wrapped in silk.

Opening the silk,even though Su Xin was well-traveled and experienced,he was still shocked by the magnificent sight before him.

The Heaven's Dao Stone was the size of a pigeon egg.As soon as it appeared,golden light radiated from it,as if it were a condensed essence of thunder and lightning.

No,not like;when Su Xin held it in his hand,it was as if he were holding a bundle of thunder and lightning.

After looking at it for a while,Su Xin put the Heaven's Dao Stone into his mustard seed bag.Just when He Shuying thought he would let her go,Su Xin snapped her neck directly,causing He Shuying to widen her beautiful eyes and fall to the ground with a look of unwillingness.

Standing up,Su Xin saw that the heavily injured He family disciples from the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi had not died yet.He gave each of them a mercy kill before sending them on their way.