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Chapter 331:Di Yunfei's Anger

8946words in this chapter2024-02-27

When Su Xin stepped out of the inn,the crowd outside had already dispersed,leaving no one behind.There are different types of spectacles to witness,and the kind unfolding before their eyes could easily turn fatal.

They had already understood the situation:the woman from the He family had smeared Di Yunfei's reputation by tarnishing his Tian Dao Stone.However,the issue now was that after Su Xin killed He Shuying,he took Di Yunfei's Tian Dao Stone.

Just moments ago,some among them had recognized Su Xin.It wasn't difficult;Su Xin's displayed strength almost certainly placed him in the top twenty of the Renowned Individuals List.Even through process of elimination,it was easy to guess his identity.

Would Su Xin kill them to silence them after snatching the Tian Dao Stone?That was something no one could guarantee.

However,they might have been overly anxious.While Su Xin did steal the Tian Dao Stone,it wasn't necessary for him to eliminate them.As one of the Seven Factions of the world,the Zhenjian Alliance,how could they fail to uncover such matters?

Nevertheless,though Su Xin seized the Tian Dao Stone,it wasn't for his own use.The Tian Dao Stone's effects were only for those who practiced Thunder attribute techniques,useful for warriors with Thunder-based cultivation methods.Su Xin didn't intend to follow the path of Thunder,making the Tian Dao Stone useless for him.However,even if temporarily useless,he could trade it with others in the underworld for something beneficial for his current stage.

Regardless of whether what Su Xin acquired belonged to Di Yunfei or the Zhenjian Alliance,Su Xin wouldn't relinquish it.

Meanwhile,within the Zhenjian Alliance in Yunan Province,Di Yunfei heard this news and slammed his cup down in fury.

"Su Xin!It's Su Xin again!"

The mention of this name reignited the flames of resentment within Di Yunfei.Back in Xiannan Province,he had lost to Su Xin,becoming a stepping stone for the latter,which caused his prestige within the Zhenjian Alliance to plummet once again.The elders of other factions in the Zhenjian Alliance had not ceased to discredit him in secret,doubting his capability to succeed Di Jingfei as the leader of the alliance.There were even suggestions made in private for Di Jingfei to groom a successor.If Di Jingfei hadn't swiftly dealt with the person who made such suggestions,the rumors within the alliance would have been even more rampant.

However,Di Yunfei didn't appreciate his brother's support.He didn't believe he needed his brother's assistance to secure his position.Thus,upon returning from Xiannan Province,he began seclusion,which lasted nearly a year.When he finally emerged from seclusion,he had broken through to the Divine Palace Realm and even achieved the realm of unity between man and nature with the help of Di Jingfei.Yet,Su Xin had risen to become the twelfth on the Renowned Individuals List,becoming the renowned Chief Catcher of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province.On the other hand,Di Yunfei's absence from the martial world for so long had caused his ranking to drop to over sixty,with records even stating his strength was only at the Spiritual Aperture Realm.

Initially planning to re-enter the martial world and challenge the Renowned Individuals List again,Di Yunfei was unexpectedly faced with Su Xin's opposition,which resulted in the theft of his Tian Dao Stone.

The Tian Dao Stone wasn't for Di Yunfei's personal use;it was intended as a gift for Miss Lu of the Lu family in Fanyang.Although the Lu family of Fanyang was also one of the six major aristocratic families,their ranking was lower.Di Jingfei had taken the initiative to form an alliance with the Lu family of Fanyang to bolster Di Yunfei's position within the Zhenjian Alliance.

However,this alliance was still in its infancy,as the Lu family had been an established lineage for several centuries.Marrying off the family's eldest daughter required careful consideration,and they needed to consult Miss Lu,Lu Wanting,for her opinion.

Nevertheless,Di Yunfei was deeply committed to this alliance.When Di Jingfei had brought him to visit the Lu family earlier,Di Yunfei was captivated by Lu Wanting and vowed to marry her.

Thus,Di Yunfei had put in so much effort to obtain the Tian Dao Stone to please Lu Wanting.The cultivation techniques of the Lu family of Fanyang were Thunder-based,and despite Lu Wanting being a woman,she had reached the Divine Palace Realm.Therefore,the Tian Dao Stone was perfect for her use.

Di Yunfei had even promised Lu Wanting the Tian Dao Stone as a gift,only for Su Xin to brazenly snatch it away.

One of Di Yunfei's trusted subordinates suggested,"Young Master,why don't we directly inform the Alliance Leader and have him dispatch a powerful Divine Palace Realm expert from within the Zhenjian Alliance to confront Su Xin for the item?I refuse to believe he won't yield."

Hearing this suggestion,Di Yunfei frowned."No,don't bother my elder brother.He's currently in seclusion."

What Di Yunfei disliked the most was when people constantly compared him to Di Jingfei.So,no matter the circumstances,unless Di Jingfei intervened voluntarily,he would never seek his brother's help.It would make him seem useless,akin to a child.

Though Di Jingfei was currently in seclusion,it wasn't an unassailable state of isolation.Yet,Di Yunfei still refused to seek his aid.

The subordinate wore a troubled expression."But if we don't involve the Alliance Leader,even the weakest Divine Palace Realm warrior within the Zhenjian Alliance won't heed our commands."

The Zhenjian Alliance indeed belonged to the Di family,that much was true.However,the current Zhenjian Alliance was solely under Di Jingfei's control,not Di Yunfei's.

Among the numerous Divine Palace Realm warriors in the Zhenjian Alliance,Di Yunfei's authority was limited,to say the least.There were quite a few who harbored discontent towards him,let alone those who respected him.

So,the ones Di Yunfei could truly command were only a few Divine Palace Realm warriors.

Otherwise,there would be no need for the involvement of the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi to pursue the He family's people this time.Sending just one Divine Palace Realm warrior would suffice;even if they were assassins from the He family,they wouldn't be able to escape far.

Di Yunfei furrowed his brow."Let Sima Pan go with a message to Su Xin,demanding he hand over the Tian Dao Stone.If negotiations are possible,consider it;if not,then we'll think of something else."

Among those who voluntarily joined Di Yunfei in the Zhenjian Alliance were only some Pre-Natal Realm warriors,and Sima Pan was one of the stronger ones among them.

Di Yunfei also knew that if they didn't involve Divine Palace Realm warriors this time,it would be difficult to retrieve the Tian Dao Stone from Su Xin's hands through force.Thus,he had to resort to this rather humiliating method—offering something in exchange for the Tian Dao Stone.

Although Di Yunfei harbored grievances against Su Xin and wished him ill,Lu Wanting was still waiting for her Tian Dao Stone.If he went back on his word,it would undoubtedly tarnish his image in Lu Wanting's eyes.

Compared to Lu Wanting,the old grudges with Su Xin were insignificant.He could seek revenge against Su Xin after winning Lu Wanting's heart or after breaking through to the Divine Palace Realm.

Yunan Province bordered Jiannan Province,so after receiving the message,Sima Pan immediately set off with his men for Jiannan Province.

Sima Pan,a wandering cultivator,had joined the Zhenjian Alliance with his formidable physical prowess comparable to that of Shaolin monks.He had become one of Di Yunfei's trusted subordinates.

Most of the Divine Palace Realm warriors within the Zhenjian Alliance didn't hold Di Yunfei in high regard,and thus,they didn't gravitate towards him.

Nevertheless,they were confident in their abilities.As pillars of the Zhenjian Alliance,even if Di Yunfei were to become the leader of the Zhenjian Alliance in the future,they would still rely on them.

For individuals like Sima Pan,who were in the middle tier of Divine Palace Realm warriors,Di Yunfei was their preferred choice for support.Furthermore,Di Yunfei was the sole heir of the Zhenjian Alliance,so those who followed him would undoubtedly become his trusted aides in the future.

Thus,their choice wasn't about taking sides;the only consideration was how to become Di Yunfei's most trusted confidant.

It was worth noting that there were more people than just Sima Pan who had pledged allegiance to Di Yunfei.At least five or six individuals were comparable to him.

Therefore,Sima Pan was deeply committed to this matter.He had to handle it perfectly to distinguish himself from the mediocre individuals.

Meanwhile,Su Xin was also preparing to leave Jiannan Province.

Having snatched Di Yunfei's Tian Dao Stone halfway,Su Xin knew that Di Yunfei wouldn't let it slide.

He had no interest in waiting for Di Yunfei to come after him halfway.Once back in Jiangnan Province,that would be Su Xin's territory.Even if Di Yunfei brought Divine Palace Realm experts to trouble him,Su Xin wasn't afraid.

However,just as Su Xin was about to leave Jiannan Province,Sima Pan rushed over at full speed and caught up with him.

On the bustling street,Sima Pan and five Divine Palace Realm warriors surrounded Su Xin,exuding a formidable aura that made the bystanders retreat.

Upon seeing this tense standoff,the onlookers immediately speculated about the identities of these individuals.

"Members of the Zhenjian Alliance?"Su Xin asked casually.

Sima Pan's voice was cold."Su Xin,you know what you've done.Hand over what doesn't belong to you and come back with me to the Zhenjian Alliance to apologize to Young Master Di.Otherwise,you'll have to face the consequences!"

Hearing this,the bystanders suddenly realized that these were members of the Zhenjian Alliance confronting Su Xin.

Su Xin had snatched Di Yunfei's Tian Dao Stone,a matter that almost everyone in Jiannan Province had heard about.

On one side stood Su Xin,the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Province,who had made a name for himself through his own efforts—known for his bloody methods that had shaken Jiangnan Province.

On the other side stood Di Yunfei,merely known as Di Jingfei's brother.Thus,it was easy to distinguish between the two.