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Chapter 332:Cunning

7704words in this chapter2024-02-27

Sima Pan demanded that Su Xin hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone and go to the Zhengjian Alliance to apologize to Di Yunfei,but this statement startled the other God Palace realm warriors who came with him.

They remembered that Di Yunfei had only asked Sima Pan to find Su Xin and as long as Su Xin didn't mention any outrageous conditions,he would let him exchange the Heavenly Dao Stone for something of equivalent value.

But now Sima Pan was saying this,what exactly did he want to do?

In fact,Sima Pan's motive was simple.He just wanted to secure a good future for himself,to become Di Yunfei's true confidant.

Di Yunfei only wanted to quickly obtain the Heavenly Dao Stone to use it as a gift for the Lu family's grand display.

But Sima Pan wanted to show himself better,to win the position of Di Yunfei's top confidant.

Just completing the task according to Di Yunfei's orders was not enough for Sima Pan.

He had heard that Su Xin had quite a bit of enmity with their young master before.If he could make Su Xin hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone and accompany him back to the Zhengjian Alliance to apologize to Di Yunfei,then his merit would be significant.Who else would be qualified to compete with him for this position in the future?

Su Xin was currently unaware of Sima Pan's intentions.If he knew,he would definitely sneer at Di Yun's misjudgment.

The easiest person to cause trouble in this world isn't the foolish,but the cunning,and Sima Pan was one of them.

Di Yunfei sent Sima Pan to handle this matter because he valued his honesty and steadiness,but he didn't expect Sima Pan to suddenly start playing tricks.

This guy,who wasn't particularly smart to begin with,suddenly started being cunning,which was truly terrifying.

He couldn't even imagine,if Su Xin was really so easy to deal with,why would Di Yunfei send Sima Pan to negotiate and exchange the Heavenly Dao Stone with him?Why not send strong subordinates to directly capture Su Xin?

Even though Di Yunfei couldn't command warriors of the Yuan Shen realm,it wouldn't be a problem for him to casually summon over a hundred innate warriors.

Su Xin also looked at Sima Pan with surprise.Did Di Yunfei become foolish?Did he still think his strength remained at the level of a year ago,just at the Lingxue realm?

These few insignificant people like Su Xin didn't even put Di Yunfei in their eyes.He directly sneered,"If Di Yunfei wants the Heavenly Dao Stone,let him come and take it himself.Besides,this thing has nothing to do with him.I obtained the Heavenly Dao Stone by killing people from the He family.Why should Di Yunfei care?He didn't take good care of his own things,so if someone took them,it's his own fault.It's normal not to give it to him.Now he wants to come to me for this Heavenly Dao Stone?Sure,show me your strength."

When you think about it,it's justifiable.

Su Xin obtained this Heavenly Dao Stone by killing people from the He family.It has nothing to do with Di Yunfei.

Although this thing was considered his before,if he couldn't keep it and someone else took it,who could he blame?He can only blame himself for being unlucky.

So this time,no one accused Su Xin of being cunning or deceitful.In their eyes,Su Xin did nothing wrong.

Even if it were them,if their background was as powerful as the Zhengjian Alliance and not afraid of retaliation from the Zhengjian Alliance,they would do the same.

Sima Pan's face darkened,"Su Xin,don't force me to get rough.This isn't your territory of Jiangnan Dao.It's not your place to be arrogant here!"

Su Xin also sneered,"This isn't your territory of Yunan Dao either.Moreover,even if it were,your Zhengjian Alliance isn't the only dominant force.If you want to fight me,show me your strength."

Sima Pan snorted coldly,"Get him!"

They didn't know any better,since Su Xin was seemingly invincible.

"What are you waiting for?Get on with it!"Sima Pan,lying on the ground,sweating profusely from the pain,didn't forget to command his subordinates.

He didn't believe Su Xin could still fight with five other God Palace realm warriors after he had punched him into such a state.

But unfortunately,Sima Pan guessed wrong once again.With a punch like that,Su Xin could unleash as many punches as he wanted.

The other five God Palace realm warriors gritted their teeth and attacked Su Xin,hoping that their combined efforts could take him down.

However,although their strength was much greater than the Five Ghosts of Xiangxi,compared to Su Xin,there was still a world of difference.

The Blood Rose unfurled amidst the sea of blood,swallowing the vitality of one warrior,about to drain him dry.

The other four warriors reacted swiftly,but it was futile.

Three bloodlines attacked three of them separately,while Su Xin turned around,unleashing invisible sword qi from his innate body-breaking technique.

The warrior who tried to sneak attack Su Xin from behind was instantly shattered by Su Xin's invisible sword qi,and even the yellow-ranked weapon in his hand turned into a pile of scrap iron under the invisible sword qi.

Crushing,utterly crushing.

The five innate warriors didn't even manage to display ten moves against Su Xin before they were all killed,leaving only Sima Pan with an incredulous look in his eyes as he watched Su Xin.

Sima Pan wanted to say something,but unfortunately,Su Xin wouldn't give him the chance.

With a flick of his finger,a powerful finger curtain pierced through Su Xin's body,shattering his meridians and Qi Sea,killing him instantly.

Around the street,the other warriors also looked at Su Xin with fearful eyes.They had never seen a battle between God Palace realm warriors like this before.

Although most of the warriors present hadn't seen battles between Yuan Shen realm warriors,battles between God Palace realm warriors were not uncommon.

They thought that even if Su Xin was strong,he could only be considered Xiao Tian when facing six opponents at once.

But now,Su Xin had killed six God Palace realm warriors as easily as cutting vegetables,which was terrifying.Some even suspected if he had reached the Yuan Shen realm.

"Zhang You,the Wind Messenger,come out,"Su Xin said lightly.

Zhang You,also known as the Wind Messenger,who had provided intelligence to Su Xin in the past,walked out with a bitter smile,asking in confusion,"Does Sir Su also know me?"

To be honest,messengers like Zhang You were not used to dealing with renowned strongmen like Su Xin.They were good at secretly conveying messages.Some messengers had even been chased by several sects because of the sensitive information they transmitted.Being a visible messenger was quite dangerous.

Su Xin said lightly,"Who doesn't know the number one Wind Messenger of Jian Nan Dao?Now I have a task for you.Go and tell Di Yunfei that if he wants the Heavenly Dao Stone,he should come find me himself.Sending these small fry to die is really boring."

With that,Su Xin threw a bottle of elixir to Zhang You,instantly delighting him.

To receive a bottle of elixir as a reward for delivering a message was quite generous of Sir Su.

Zhang You took the elixir and immediately clasped his hands,saying,"Sir Su,rest assured,this message will be delivered to Di Yunfei's mansion of the Zhengjian Alliance in the shortest time possible."

The other messengers present looked at Zhang You with envy.

His previous title of the number one Wind Messenger of Jian Nan Dao was just a nickname among colleagues,after all.How many messengers were there in Jian Nan Dao?Their information networks were interconnected,but each person focused on different kinds of information,so there wasn't much competition.

But now,Su Xin himself admitted that he was the number one Wind Messenger of Jian Nan Dao,which greatly boosted Zhang You's reputation.Even the Chief Constable of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,Su Xin,acknowledged him as the top Wind Messenger.Others who came to Jian Nan Dao to inquire about information would naturally come to him.His reputation was established.

Three days later,Di Yunfei received the message brought by Zhang You and was immediately enraged,smashing a cup.

"Su Xin is pushing it too far!I was willing to spend a hefty price to get the Heavenly Dao Stone back,and he actually killed my men.He really doesn't know his place!Does he think I,Di Yunfei,am easy to bully?"

Di Yunfei was furious,itching to take action.This time,he had finally made a concession,preparing not to use force and to buy back the Heavenly Dao Stone first before dealing with other matters.

But now,Su Xin had killed his men,slapped him in the face.How could Di Yunfei not be angry?

With a grim expression,Di Yunfei said to a confidant beside him,"Qi Dong,immediately gather all my men.This time,I will personally take action.I want to see what level Su Xin's strength has reached in this year."

In this past year,Su Xin's reputation had soared in Jiangnan Dao,but Di Yunfei hadn't been idle either.He had already reached the realm of unity between man and nature,leading half a step ahead of Su Xin.