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Chapter 352:Unexpected Ambush

9296words in this chapter2024-02-28

The strength of the Night Wanderer was incredibly peculiar.In Su Xin's perception,she should only possess the power of the Divine Palace Realm.However,judging from the momentum of her attacks and the way she manipulated the forces of nature,it was unmistakably the prowess only possessed by Transcendent Realm warriors.

Nevertheless,even if the opponent was truly a Transcendent Realm existence,Su Xin dared to engage.After all,he had no intention of defeating her outright;he only aimed to prevent her from escaping too easily.

A scarlet sword aura surged forth mightily,as the blood moon ascended and the sword aura swept across a dozen zhang,slashing towards the Night Wanderer.

The Night Wanderer's figure resembled an elf in the night,as she danced,dispersing ink-like true energy.In an instant,the sky darkened,and astral qi burst,completely dissipating the scarlet sword aura.

Su Xin frowned.For some reason,as he watched the Night Wanderer's dancing figure,he felt a strange sense of familiarity.

With a wave of his hand,dozens of sword qi erupted towards the Night Wanderer,swirling around in a blend of softness and strength,piercing through the black night and shattering the darkness.

Now Su Xin could confirm that the Night Wanderer was in the Divine Palace Realm.However,he couldn't understand why she could temporarily manipulate the forces of nature,becoming a pseudo-Transcendent like existence,yet her actual power seemed to be inferior to a normal Transcendent Realm warrior.

Just as Su Xin prepared to strike again to vie for the Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword,something unexpected happened.Long Tianlong,who had been watching the spectacle for a long time,flashed a cold light in his eyes and suddenly struck out.With a roar,powerful true energy erupted,attacking Su Xin's back!

No one had anticipated this.Long Tianlong,as a Transcendent Realm Grandmaster,actually launched a sneak attack on a junior.What did this mean for his reputation?

It was rumored that Long Tianlong had a narrow-minded personality,but no one expected him to be so narrow-minded to this extent,not even Su Xin.

This sudden palm strike caught Su Xin off guard.Despite his speed with the Wind God's Leg technique,he couldn't dodge in time.He had to rely on his entire internal strength to withstand the blow,but he was still forced to spit blood and stagger backward.

The profound and powerful internal strength of a Transcendent Realm existence was something Su Xin,in his current state,couldn't resist.Despite his formidable internal strength,he was like a cup of water against a bucket,unable to withstand the force.

This strike left Su Xin coughing up blood,causing him significant internal injuries.Wiping the blood from his lips,a cold and fierce light gleamed in his eyes."Long Tianlong,I'll remember this.If I ever get the chance,I will make sure your Tianlong Sect faces annihilation!"

Leaving behind these words,Su Xin immediately employed the Wind God's Leg technique to retreat.Long Tianlong wanted to strike again,but it was already too late.

Standing in place,Long Tianlong's expression was somewhat uncertain,as if he regretted his actions.

His attack on Su Xin just now was partly due to his narrow-mindedness,but another reason was his unwillingness to let Su Xin leave so easily.

Su Xin,as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Province,might return to Dongjin at any time.His son had been seriously injured by Su Xin,and he had just embarrassed himself in the competition.Long Tianlong couldn't bear to let Su Xin leave so peacefully,so he resorted to a sneak attack.

He had thought that his full-force palm strike would surely kill Su Xin,but he hadn't expected Su Xin to only suffer injuries.This was troublesome.

As the sixth-ranked on the Human Ranking List,Su Xin was destined to ascend to the Transcendent Realm in the future.Judging from his confrontation with the Transcendent Realm warrior who had previously attempted to assassinate Zhao Yuandian,it was evident that Su Xin could already contend with Transcendent Realm warriors.How terrifying would he be when he ascended to the Transcendent Realm?

He who strikes at a tiger must be prepared to suffer the consequences.Long Tianlong was truly beginning to regret his actions;he regretted being too impulsive.

The people around also looked at Long Tianlong with strange eyes.His loss of face this time was secondary;the most important thing was that their Tianlong Sect would be in trouble later.

Being targeted by a top ten warrior on the Human Ranking List,especially one who was about to ascend to the Transcendent Realm,even if Su Xin couldn't do anything to Long Tianlong personally,if he were to secretly attack the disciples of the Tianlong Sect,Long Tianlong wouldn't be able to endure it.

Feeling the gazes of the others,Long Tianlong snorted coldly,"This is Dongjin,not Dazhou.Some people can't just do whatever they want!"

The crowd shook their heads.Regardless,the enmity between the two of them was deep-seated.Judging by Su Xin's past actions,he didn't seem like a forgiving person.

However,at this moment,an unexpected change occurred in the arena.

The Night Wanderer,seeing Su Xin being heavily injured by Long Tianlong and leaving,couldn't help but reveal a smug smile.She was ready to leave with the Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword.

But unexpectedly,Zhao Wanxi,the young lady of the Zhao family who had been sitting quietly below,suddenly made a move.With a graceful dance,the Demon Dance of the Heavens descended,dazzling everyone present.Some of the wavering warriors were entranced by the exquisite dance and couldn't help but lose themselves in it.

With illusions guiding them,everything in the world seemed like a fleeting dream,and endless splendor shattered within it.

The Night Wanderer didn't expect someone to show up out of nowhere,and she was caught off guard by a mesmerizing spell from Yin Xixue,causing her to spew blood instantly.Seizing the opportunity,Yin Xixue snatched her Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword and disappeared without a trace.

This sudden turn of events left everyone stunned.What was happening?How come even Yin Xixue,known as the'Thousand-Faced Witch'of the Illusionary Demon Sect,had appeared?

Even though they might not have seen it firsthand,the techniques of the Illusionary Demon Sect,such as the mesmerizing spell and the demon dance,were well-known.If someone had such power in the Divine Palace Realm,who else in the Illusionary Demon Sect could match Yin Xixue?

What was supposed to be a simple sword appreciation event among the younger generation of the Human Ranking List had turned into chaos.Moreover,Zhao Yuandian had died here,giving the warriors of Dongjin a sense of impending doom.

Meanwhile,Su Xin had unleashed all his internal energy and fled to the outskirts of Xiaoyang City into a dense forest.He took out a pill and popped it into his mouth to heal his injuries.

Su Xin admitted he had miscalculated.He never expected the Tianlong Sect to sneak attack him in front of everyone.As a senior Transcendent Realm martial artist,reputation mattered.

The grudge between Su Xin and the Tianlong Sect ultimately boiled down to a dispute among the younger generation.Previously,the Tianlong Sect's taunting of Su Xin at the sword appreciation event had seemed petty and excessive.But now,attacking a junior was a disgrace to his Tianlong Sect's reputation.

Because Su Xin hadn't anticipated the Tianlong Sect's shamelessness,he didn't take precautions,leading to the sneak attack.

Thinking about this,Su Xin's eyes flashed with a hint of coldness.He had never suffered such a big loss before.When he said he would wipe out the Tianlong Sect,he wasn't joking!

Of course,revenge would have to wait.Su Xin's top priority now was to heal his injuries.

But barely an hour had passed when the forest erupted with intense fighting.Su Xin's injuries had only recovered about seventy percent,so he immediately concealed himself nearby.

In the midst of the forest,two figures were moving in the direction where Su Xin was hiding:the fleeing Yin Xixue,now back to her original appearance,and the pursuing Night Wanderer,who had removed her mask.

Su Xin had long suspected that the Night Wanderer was a woman,and indeed,she was stunning.If Yin Xixue's appearance was enchanting,then the Night Wanderer exuded a seductive,almost fox-like allure,with a hint of sinister charm.

As she chased Yin Xixue,the Night Wanderer giggled flirtatiously,"Junior Sister Yin,ever since I joined the Illusionary Demon Sect,everything within the sect has been at your disposal.Now,with the Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword,can't you just let sister have it once?"

Without turning back,Yin Xixue sneered,"Jiang Qingxi,do you really think I'm foolish?If I give you this sword,can you guarantee my safety?Master sent me to retrieve the sword.What's your intention now?From what I saw of your skills just now,it seems they're not aligned with the Illusionary Demon Sect.If I hand the sword to you now,I'd probably end up silenced to cover your tracks,right?"

Jiang Qingxi's smile faded,replaced by a grimace."You guessed it right.Of course,I can't let you leave just like that.But if you hand over the Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword,I'll make sure your death is swift.Otherwise,you know well the methods of the Illusionary Demon Sect!"

Yin Xixue coldly chuckled,"Jiang Qingxi,do you think I'm afraid of you?Considering your current appearance,it's obvious you've switched allegiances.You're aware of the cruel punishments of the Illusionary Demon Sect.Aren't you afraid?"

Jiang Qingxi burst into laughter,her tone chillingly terrifying,"Afraid?Of course,I am!But wasn't it you who forced me to this point?"

Yin Xixue looked puzzled.She and Jiang Qingxi had only a casual relationship within the Illusionary Demon Sect.What did this have to do with her?

Jiang Qingxi's expression turned ferocious,"From the moment I joined,the resources of the Illusionary Demon Sect have favored talented disciples like you.Joining the inner sect was just a matter of the elders'word.Why do I have to accompany that disgusting perverted old man for a month just to join the inner sect?Anyone can vie for the position of the Illusionary Demon Sect's Saintess,so why should you become the Saintess just because you're a few years younger than me?Since the Illusionary Demon Sect can't provide me with these things,I'll take them for myself!Accept your fate and hand over the Dragon Yin Phoenix Blood Sword.I'll make sure you die swiftly!"

Yin Xixue shook her head."Is your incompetence making you want others to be incompetent too?It's ridiculous.And someone seems to have had enough of watching.Do you want to continue watching?"