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Chapter 353 Extortion

8677words in this chapter2024-02-28

Su Xin emerged from the dense forest,never expecting that the Night Wanderer would be from the Illusion Demon Sect.No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity with the Night Wanderer's techniques;they were infused with the techniques of the Illusion Demon Sect.

Seeing Su Xin emerge from the forest,Jiang Qingxi's expression changed instantly.

Although she had used a secret technique to temporarily borrow some of the power of the Nascent Soul Realm,she had witnessed Su Xin and the others fighting against Nascent Soul Realm experts before.Even facing a genuine Nascent Soul Realm expert,they dared to fight,let alone her as a pseudo-Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

Seeing that the person who came out was indeed Su Xin,Yin Xixue finally breathed a sigh of relief,patting her towering chest.She smiled sweetly at Jiang Qingxi in front of her and said,"Senior Sister Jiang,do you still want to kill me now?"

But at this moment,Su Xin suddenly spoke up,"Wait a moment,Miss Yin.When did I say I would help you?This seems to be a personal grudge of yours from the Illusion Demon Sect.It wouldn't be appropriate for me to intervene suddenly,would it?"

Seeing Su Xin's ambiguous expression,Yin Xixue suddenly understood his intention;he was actually planning to take advantage of the situation!

Yin Xixue felt an itch of hatred and whispered,"Help me this once,and when I return,I'll speak a few good words for you in front of my adoptive father."

Su Xin shook his head,"Sorry,I,Su Xin,don't need a woman to speak for me."

At this point,Jiang Qingxi couldn't help but laugh,"Master Su,why don't you just help me kill her then?I will serve you well."

Jiang Qingxi's charming technique was brought to the extreme,but it was of no use against Su Xin,who possessed the Spirit Technique of Changing Heaven and Earth.

"Sorry,I'm not interested in things that have been used by many people,"Su Xin said indifferently.

This woman,Jiang Qingxi,was willing to sleep with an elder for a month just to join the inner sect of the Illusion Demon Sect.Who knows what methods she used to join the Celestial Court now.

Jiang Qingxi's face darkened,while Yin Xixue gritted her teeth,"Su Xin,are you really going to stand by and watch?"

Su Xin retorted,"Do I look like someone who enjoys helping others?"

Seeing Jiang Qingxi gradually approaching,Yin Xixue gritted her teeth again,"The Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword will be yours!"

Su Xin shook his head,"Sorry,that's not enough.I can take back the Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword myself when both sides are exhausted."

Jiang Qingxi had already taken action at this time.Countless dark shadows fell,making Jiang Qingxi,who was originally enchanting,now appear more like a ghostly entity.

Yin Xixue also performed the Celestial Demon Dance,but hers was different from Jiang Qingxi's.In an instant,Yin Xixue's figure split into eighteen,each dancing the Celestial Demon Dance from different directions,not with the violent true energy like Jiang Qingxi's,but with berserk spiritual power!


Jiang Qingxi screamed miserably,clutching her head and howling incessantly.

The illusion disappeared,and Yin Xixue's face turned pale,a trace of blood flowing from her mouth.

"This is the true Celestial Demon Dance.It bewitches the mind,attacking the soul rather than the physical body,"Su Xin explained.

Jiang Qingxi,clutching her head,showed a look of unwillingness,"The true Celestial Demon Dance?Why?Why didn't they teach it to me?"

Although Jiang Qingxi wanted to say something more,Su Xin had already taken action.

Su Xin was always trustworthy when it came to taking people's money and resolving their troubles.Since he had accepted Yin Xixue's item,he naturally intended to deal with Jiang Qingxi,especially since she was from the Celestial Court.

The Spirit Technique of Changing Heaven and Earth was unleashed,and Jiang Qingxi,whose spirit had already been injured by Yin Xixue,showed a moment of confusion in her eyes.Though it was just a moment,when she regained her senses,countless invisible sword energies were already slashing towards her!

Hundreds of sword energies converged into a domain of swords,surrounding her from all directions.Each sword energy required Jiang Qingxi's full effort to dissolve,let alone now,with hundreds of them.

She wasn't adept at close combat,and now being approached by Su Xin,she found it difficult to cope.

Seeing no way to resist,Jiang Qingxi bit her lip,spraying a mouthful of blood.In an instant,she transformed into a black light,flickering behind Su Xin.With a mystical finger technique,she shattered like a dream!

Yin Xixue was about to remind Su Xin,but it seemed like Su Xin had eyes on the back of his head.With a point of his finger,countless finger shadows fell,gathering endless brilliance.With a single finger,he broke through everything!

As the illusion shattered,Jiang Qingxi sprayed out blood,her aura declining to the extreme.

With another finger,splendid and dreamlike,but seemingly shattering the heavens and earth,everything turned to dust!

One Finger Startles the Dream!

Under the Three-Fingered Skyward Strike,Jiang Qingxi's eyes revealed a look of unwillingness,but her body seemed to be drained instantly,turning into a corpse and falling to the ground,completely turning into a pile of dust.

Su Xin frowned.This effect was definitely not caused by his Three-Fingered Skyward Strike.It seemed Jiang Qingxi had indeed used a secret technique,overdrawing her own power to gain pseudo-Nascent Soul Realm strength.

Seeing Jiang Qingxi's death,Yin Xixue also breathed a sigh of relief.

However,feeling Su Xin's gaze,Yin Xixue made a pitiful expression,saying,"You,a grown man,really have the heart to snatch something from a weak woman like me?"

Su Xin remained expressionless."Stop pretending.Being trustworthy is essential in life.Hand over the Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword,as well as the heavenly soldier remnants you mentioned,so I don't have to retrieve them myself."

Seeing Su Xin's attitude,Yin Xixue was infuriated but helpless.Her internal energy was depleted,making her no match for Su Xin.Even if her internal energy hadn't been depleted,she wouldn't be able to contend with him.

After cursing internally,Yin Xixue obediently handed the Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword and the heavenly soldier remnants to Su Xin.

The Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword didn't have much to see.Su Xin directly threw it into his mustard seed bag.As for the heavenly soldier remnants,they were indeed'remnants.'

This piece of heavenly soldier remnants seemed to be the tip of a sword,only about one-fifth of a sword,with the sword spirit long dispersed.However,the real value lay in the blood of a True Martial Realm expert that stained it.

Several drops of blood were clearly visible on the sword tip,sparkling like gemstones,emitting a powerful aura.Even when Su Xin held it,the heavenly soldier remnants felt extraordinarily heavy,as if weighing millions of pounds,which was quite peculiar.

After storing the sword tip in his mustard seed bag,Su Xin noticed that Yin Xixue hadn't left yet.He raised an eyebrow."Why aren't you leaving?What are you waiting for?"

Yin Xixue replied naturally,"I'm leaving with you,of course."

Su Xin smiled."Do you want me to escort you back to Da Zhou?I advise you to find a place to recover from your injuries and return by yourself.I won't be returning to Da Zhou for the time being."

Yin Xixue sneered,"So you're planning to target the Heavenly Dragon Sect?But I suggest you forget it.Even if you're powerful,you can't defeat the Heavenly Dragon Sect now.Even if you use some secret method to reach the pseudo-Nascent Soul Realm like Jiang Qingxi did,you can't bridge such a large gap."

Su Xin shook his head."That's none of your concern.Anyway,I won't be returning to Da Zhou for a while."

Yin Xixue coldly laughed,"Then I'll wait for the show when you hit a wall."

After saying that,Yin Xixue turned and left.This time,being extorted by Su Xin for the Dragon Roar and Phoenix Blood Sword and the heavenly soldier remnants stained with True Martial Realm blood,Yin Xixue was in a very bad mood.

After Yin Xixue left,Su Xin found a place to recuperate.After three days,when his injuries were completely healed,Su Xin took out a token—a token from the Underworld.

Da Zhou was too far from the Underworld.Su Xin didn't intend to teleport back to seek help from the Underworld.Instead,he found out that someone he knew,to some extent,was also in Da Zhou.So Su Xin planned to ask him for help.Whether he could destroy the Heavenly Dragon Sect and take revenge depended on this person.

Su Xin sent a message on the Underworld token and put on an Underworld mask,then waited in place.After an hour,a figure appeared in front of Su Xin.

Wearing white clothes and a white Ghost Masque,with a crimson tongue hanging down,he looked extremely terrifying.

"Huh?King Chu Jiang,it was you who helped me rescue those kids last time?"Su Xin had sensed the presence of someone from the Underworld nearby through the Underworld token,and it turned out to be this white Ghost Masque.

If he remembered correctly,this white Ghost Masque still owed him a task reward.

Su Xin clasped his hands."Indeed."

The white Ghost Masque laughed."That's perfect.I was just about to go find you in the Underworld to give you the reward for the last task.Now that you're here,I don't have to make another trip.I have everything here,even things I can't remember.Take your time to choose."

As he spoke,the white Ghost Masque was about to open his mustard seed bag for Su Xin to choose.

Su Xin shook his head."I urgently need something that can temporarily contend with a Nascent Soul Realm expert or something that can severely injure a Nascent Soul Realm expert.Even disposable items will do.Do you have anything like that,White Ghost Masque?"

The white Ghost Masque was surprised."What do you need that for?Do you intend to take action against Nascent Soul Realm warriors?You've got quite an appetite.No wonder you're one of us from the Underworld."