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Chapter 354 Revenge Begins

8649words in this chapter2024-02-28

They say revenge is a dish best served cold,but Su Xin was not one for waiting.If he had vengeance to exact,he would do it tonight,without delay.

This time,Xiang Tianlong had truly angered Su Xin.His threat to wipe out the entire Tianlong Daoist School was no laughing matter.

While others might argue that it would be wiser for Su Xin to wait until he reached the Yuan Shen Realm before striking at the Tianlong Daoist School,he had decided to go against conventional wisdom.The moment an opportunity presented itself,he would move to annihilate the school.And the figure before him,Bai Wuchang,represented just that opportunity.

It was said that Bai Wuchang had a penchant for collecting all sorts of odds and ends.Among his collection might be powerful Tang Sect hidden weapons or Mo family mechanisms.Even if they were for one-time use,as long as they packed a punch,they would suffice.

Bai Wuchang held Su Xin in high regard.After all,this Chujiang King who had successfully joined the underworld with a pre-celestial spirit palace cultivation was no ordinary individual.

"I could lend you a hand,"Bai Wuchang offered."If you're short on resources,you can always owe me.You can settle the debt later."

Initially,the reward Bai Wuchang had offered was an artifact comparable in value to a profound-grade weapon.However,being a powerhouse at the Rong Shen Realm,Su Xin knew that offering a mere profound-grade weapon would not be enough to enlist Bai Wuchang's help.

Su Xin shook his head."I appreciate the offer,but when it comes to settling my own scores,I prefer to do it with my own hands."

If Xiang Tianlong were a Rong Shen Realm martial artist,Su Xin wouldn't hesitate.He would readily offer his savings or even exchange some martial arts techniques obtained from the system to enlist Bai Wuchang's help in dealing with him.But as it stood,Xiang Tianlong was only at the Hua Shen Realm.With proper planning,taking him out was a feasible possibility.

Although to others,killing someone at the Hua Shen Realm while being at the Pre-Celestial Realm seemed insane,Su Xin was undeterred.

Bai Wuchang tapped his mask thoughtfully."Well,if it's for a one-time use,I do have something."

With that,Bai Wuchang rummaged through his mustard seed bag and eventually pulled out a pile of blood-red longswords.There were a hundred and eight in total,emanating a sinister aura,with some so damaged that they were broken into pieces.

"Do you know about the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation?"Bai Wuchang inquired.

Su Xin nodded;of course,he knew about it.Back in Jiangning Prefecture,he had used the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation to eliminate the Du family and claim their damaged celestial weapon.

"The Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,although simple,has quite a history.It was developed by the Blood Demon Sect,one of the nine evil factions of the past.However,their cultivation techniques were too unorthodox,requiring human blood as a catalyst.This led to countless atrocities,ultimately drawing the ire of the righteous martial world,which united to eradicate them.What you see here is the original Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,crafted by the hands of the Blood Demon Sect themselves.Its power far surpasses that of the simplified version you're familiar with.These swords contain sealed Blood Slaughter Qi,a technique lost to time.Once the Blood Slaughter Qi is depleted,they become useless,akin to consumable items.They should suit your needs well."

After Su Xin accepted the set of Blood Slaughter Swords,he thanked Bai Wuchang with a nod.

Bai Wuchang nodded in return."Chujiang King,if you ever find yourself in a bind,don't hesitate to call on me.I'll be in Dongjing for a while.You can reach out to me directly if you need assistance."

"Thank you,"Su Xin replied with a respectful gesture.

After exchanging pleasantries,Su Xin departed,leaving Bai Wuchang to ponder his departure.

"We're both martial artists,but how did he cultivate to this level so quickly?He's already daring to confront a Hua Shen Realm martial artist.Compared to him,we didn't have such boldness in our early days,"Bai Wuchang mused,shaking his head before leaving as well.

However,during Su Xin's three days of recuperation in seclusion,a significant event occurred:the"Sword Prodigy"He Xiu broke through to the Yuan Shen Realm.

In truth,He Xiu had been on the cusp of reaching the Yuan Shen Realm for some time.However,with Lin Changhe yet to make the breakthrough,He Xiu had remained at the pinnacle of the Shen Palace Realm,waiting to defeat Lin Changhe before advancing.

But now that Lin Changhe had broken through,He Xiu saw no reason to delay further.Thus,after a period of seclusion,he successfully ascended to the Yuan Shen Realm.

On the second day of He Xiu's breakthrough,Xiao Huang also achieved the same breakthrough,making it a rare occurrence for two individuals to reach such heights within two days.

However,it was a coincidence that Xiao Huang began his seclusion when Su Xin was still in Jiangnan Dao.Now,breaking through to the Hua Shen Realm,it naturally fell into place.

So,the rankings on the"People List"changed again.Yan Naluo took the top spot,followed by"True Man Chisolm"Feng Linzi in second place,"Daro Tian Dao"Chen Jing in third,Su Xin in fourth,and Yin Xixue in fifth.

Su Xin was unaware of the changes in the People List,but Xiang Tianlong was.

Seeing Su Xin climb two spots on the list again,Xiang Tianlong couldn't help but regret his initial ambush on Su Xin,which led to a deadly feud between them.

Although these two spots were only vacated due to others'breakthroughs,given Su Xin's strength,it was only a matter of time before he claimed the top spot.

Ahead of Su Xin,Yan Naluo was practically a madman.Either he would break through in a short time,or he would sooner or later be killed by someone.Just look at what he did a few days ago;for the treasures of the Dongjing resources,he dared to publicly kill Zhao Yuandian.Although there would surely be those secretly approving of Yan Naluo's actions,openly he would be hunted down.

As for"True Man Chisolm"Feng Linzi,ranked second,he was famously obsessed with cultivation.It was possible that he would break through to the Yuan Shen Realm at any time.

And"Daro Tian Dao"Chen Jing,ranked third,was somewhat mediocre.Sooner or later,Su Xin would surpass him.It wouldn't take much time,maybe even less than a year,for Su Xin to potentially claim the top spot on the People List.

By then,he would be less than twenty-five years old.A pre-Yuan Shen Realm martial artist under twenty-five years old,if nothing unexpected happened,Su Xin was almost guaranteed to break through to the Yuan Shen Realm before the age of thirty.

A martial artist in the Yuan Shen Realm under thirty years old was terrifying to Xiang Tianlong.Xiang Tianlong himself didn't have particularly outstanding talent;it took him over a decade to reach the middle stage of the Hua Shen Realm.He probably had little hope of entering the Rong Shen Realm in his lifetime.

When Su Xin grew up,who in their Tianlong Daoist School could stop him?Moreover,considering Su Xin's age,even if he waited,he could outlast them.Afterward,he could easily annihilate their Tianlong Daoist School.

Striking a tiger will only invite retaliation,but what was Xiang Tianlong facing now?Su Xin wasn't a tiger;he was a ferocious dragon!

Xiang Tianlong's sense of crisis was growing stronger and stronger.

In desperation,he had to double the daily training regimen for the disciples of their Tianlong Daoist School,hoping to cultivate one or even several Yuan Shen Realm experts before he died.Only then could the inheritance of the Tianlong Daoist School be ensured.

However,such intense training also made the disciples of the Tianlong Daoist School miserable.Although diligence could make up for talent,not every martial artist could endure such hardship.

Especially within the Tianlong Daoist School,where most of the disciples were from wealthy families or minor martial arts families,they were accustomed to a pampered lifestyle.Suddenly subjected to such rigorous training by Xiang Tianlong,many of them couldn't bear it.

A few days later,some began to play tricks.During the night training sessions,they would feign illness and sneak out to drink flower wine.Li Chengxian and Ding Hao were among them.

Both of them were born into wealthy families;their parents were prominent merchants in Dongjing,not martial artists.They hoped that after their sons practiced martial arts,they could secure a good position in the Dongjing court.

Since the relationship between Xiang Tianlong and the Dongjing court was good,they had spent a lot of money to send their sons to the Tianlong Daoist School.

However,the talents of these two were only average.Even if they practiced martial arts,they were just going through the motions.So,when Xiang Tianlong started such rigorous training,they immediately couldn't bear it.

After drinking flower wine,the two returned to the Tianlong Daoist School in a drunken state.If they didn't make it to the morning roll call the next day,they would be in trouble.

As they stumbled along,Li Chengxian said,"I say,our master is really getting more cautious as he gets older in the martial world.That Su Xin is just a Pre-Celestial Realm,and yet he scared him like that."

Ding Hao chimed in,"Exactly!This is Dongjing,not his Great Zhou.If Su Xin dares to come,he should be dealt with immediately!"

The two of them didn't know Su Xin's background,nor did they understand what it meant for a strong person to be on the People List.Ignorance is bliss.

At this moment,however,a figure suddenly appeared in front of them,silent and unseen,as if it had appeared out of nowhere,startling them.

"Damn it!What the hell!"

This scare made their legs go weak,and they were mostly sober from their drunken state.

The figure in the darkness gradually approached,a handsome young man with a cruel and sinister smile on his lips.

Just as Li Chengxian and Ding Hao were about to say something,two invisible sword auras suddenly swept by,directly separating their heads from their bodies!