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Chapter 355:Panic

8420words in this chapter2024-02-28

Early the next morning,two disciples guarding the entrance of the Tianlong Dojo pushed open the gates with bleary eyes.Suddenly,they felt liquid dripping onto their faces,accompanied by a faint smell of blood.

Both of them were taken aback.It wasn't raining,so where was this water coming from?

Instinctively,they looked up and let out a gasp.Hanging at the entrance of the Tianlong Dojo were two human heads.The liquid dripping onto their faces wasn't water at all;it was blood,human blood!

A commotion ensued as they gazed at the severed heads of their fellow disciples.The expression on Tianlong's face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

This was the work of Su Xin,a warning sign directed at him.

On the gates of the Tianlong Dojo,written in blood,were the words:"This is just the interest."Signed,Su Xin.

Such audacity and arrogance completely infuriated Tianlong.

"If it were in the future when Su Xin breaks through to the Yuan Shen Realm,I might still fear him to some extent.But now,he's merely in the Divine Palace Realm and dares to be so arrogant on my Tianlong Dojo's territory?"

"Tianlong!"Tianlong shouted.

Qiu Mingle quickly approached his master,ready to receive orders.

"Deploy all the disciples of the Tianlong Dojo.Search the entire city for Su Xin!Also,inform all the sects friendly to us to help in the search!"

This time,Tianlong was truly angry.His disciples'heads had been severed and hung at the gate.If he didn't retaliate,would he still have a face to show in Xiaoyang City?

However,upon hearing the news,other sects couldn't help but marvel at Su Xin's audacity.He was indeed a young talent of his generation,but this wasn't Great Zhou;it was Dongjin.Challenging the Tianlong Dojo with just the strength of the Divine Palace Realm wasn't very realistic.

Although they didn't have enmity with Su Xin,out of respect for Tianlong,they dispatched disciples to assist in the search.In no time,the entire Xiaoyang City was filled with rumors.

Yet,Su Xin was in the dark while they were in the light.Even though Tianlong deployed all his disciples to search,it was futile.Instead,two disciples'heads were hung at the gate again the next day.

The same happened for the following two days.Every day,two heads of Tianlong Dojo disciples were hung at the entrance,leaving Tianlong seething with anger and his disciples terrified.

Finally,Tianlong ordered all his disciples to guard outside the dojo at night.But the heads still fell from the sky and landed inside the dojo the next day.

This left the Tianlong disciples utterly panicked.Their own people couldn't do anything to the enemy,yet the enemy could kill them at will.How could they continue like this?

Moreover,Su Xin was clearly deliberate.Killing only two people every day,he seemed like a cunning wolf lurking in the dark,occasionally tearing a piece of flesh from the Tianlong Dojo,leaving them in panic.

Even the other martial forces helping Tianlong Dojo in the search began to feel uneasy.They were only here to save face,but Su Xin's actions made them anxious.If they were implicated because of Tianlong Dojo,they would be in deep trouble.

Hence,these martial forces quickly found various excuses to leave,unwilling to continue assisting Tianlong Dojo in the search for Su Xin.

Helpless,Tianlong had to recall all his disciples back to the dojo and forbid them from going out.Faced with Su Xin hiding in the shadows,even this Nascent Soul realm martial artist was powerless.

Now,he could only hope that Su Xin would leave after venting his anger.After all,as the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,he could leave for a few months.Tianlong didn't believe Su Xin would stay here indefinitely,refusing to return to Jiangnan Dao.

But as Tianlong watched his disciples return to the dojo,Su Xin hidden in the shadows smirked,a cold,sinister smile,exactly what he wanted.

That night,after ordering his disciples not to wander around,Tianlong returned to his room to meditate.However,for some reason,he couldn't calm down,feeling as though something major was about to happen.

But soon,Tianlong shook his head.He must be overthinking it.With all the disciples gathered in the dojo,would Su Xin dare to cause trouble inside?

However,at that moment,Tianlong suddenly smelled blood.His expression changed instantly,and he quickly shouted,"Quick,back to your rooms!"

But unfortunately,it was already too late,especially under the Bloodthirsty Sword Formation capable of easily extinguishing Martial Artists in the Heavenly Origin Realm.Even retreating into the house was futile.

In an instant,the swords hummed and howled,one hundred and eight blood-red longswords whirling down,causing the disciples of the Tianlong Dojo to scream in agony,turning the entire dojo into a river of blood!

"Su Xin!"Tianlong roared,his eyes flashing with madness.

Without saying a word,he could guess that this formation must have been set up by Su Xin.

However,Tianlong never expected Su Xin's retaliation to come so quickly,and that he could obtain such a terrifying formation.Under this formation,even Tianlong himself felt a hint of fear.

The gates of the Tianlong Dojo were pushed open,and Su Xin was enveloped in an overwhelming aura of bloodthirst.The endless power of bloodthirst continuously poured into Su Xin's body,making him feel a surge of immense power filling his body.

This wasn't the power of the Yuan Shen Realm;it was just the power brought by the Bloodthirsty Sword Formation,giving Su Xin the strength comparable to a Nascent Soul Realm warrior.

However,Tianlong felt pressure within the Bloodthirsty Sword Formation.It was the suppression of the formation on him.

Watching Tianlong,with his eyes almost turning red with madness,Su Xin grinned and said,"I've always been a man of my word.Since I said I would annihilate the Tianlong Dojo,how can I go back on my word now?"

"Annihilate my Tianlong Dojo?Su Xin,you've destroyed decades of my Tianlong Dojo's foundation.Today,I will make sure you accompany my Tianlong Dojo to the grave!"

Under the onslaught of the Bloodthirsty Sword Formation,there were hardly any people left in the entire Tianlong Dojo.Even the Martial Artists in the Heavenly Origin Realm could only barely resist under the formation,and they were on the verge of collapse.

As more and more people were killed,the aura of bloodthirst within the Tianlong Dojo grew stronger,and Tianlong felt increasingly suppressed.

He couldn't delay any longer.So,he roared and pulled out a purple-golden Dragon Disc staff from his mustard seed bag,exuding a fierce and bloody aura.

Tianlong's master was the renowned General Lin Weiyuan,a veteran of military formations who used spears as weapons.

Spears,as weapons in formations,were unmatched,especially in group battles.They carried immense momentum.

However,unfortunately,Tianlong hadn't learned even a tenth of his master's skills.So,he gave up the spear,which excelled in formations,and chose the staff,which was powerful and unmatched.

Tianlong wielded the purple-golden Dragon Disc staff,and as he struck,the surrounding natural energies converged into a giant aura dragon,rushing towards Su Xin!

While ordinary warriors would smash with a staff,Tianlong instead thrust or pierced,similar to a long spear.

Feeling the power of the bloodthirst entering his body,Su Xin raised his hand,and hundreds of blood-colored sword auras merged into one,forming a ten-yard-long blood-colored sword qi slashing towards Tianlong.

The huge blood-colored sword qi collided with the aura dragon.Tianlong's expression changed immediately.Su Xin's strength was somewhat astonishing.Did he break through to the Yuan Shen Realm?

However,Tianlong didn't sense the aura of the Yuan Shen Realm from Su Xin,but the attack just now was indeed as powerful as an attack from the Yuan Shen Realm.

Now he understood why Su Xin dared to challenge him today.

The purple-golden Dragon Disc staff coiled,and the myriad staff shadows,accompanied by a roaring aura wind,smashed down on Su Xin's head,displaying boundless might.

Su Xin's Rose Sword unsheathed from his waist,and in an instant,blood surged,a blood moon rose,and endless bloodthirst converged within it.

The Blood River Divine Sword,which Su Xin had already cultivated to perfection,was now enhanced by the bloodthirst within the Tianlong Dojo,turning into a vast sea of blood crashing towards Tianlong,even more terrifying.

As the myriad staff shadows dissipated,Tianlong burst out with a shout and struck out with his staff,directly aiming at the blood moon,shattering the sky!


A violent explosion of aura resounded,the blood moon shattered,bloodthirst permeated the air,and the courtyard of the Tianlong Dojo was covered by this bloodthirst,making the entire space appear as if it were made of blood.

Tianlong felt slightly suffocated.This sinister formation had even reached the point of suppressing the true qi within his body,causing his strength to decrease by at least thirty percent within this formation.

However,just as Tianlong shattered the blood moon,a pure white jade-like palm stretched out,index finger and thumb clasped together,and a finger pointed out,instantly gathering all the light in this world into it!

Breaking the Bloodthirst,Astonishing Dreams,Three Fingers to the Sky!

As the Breaking the Bloodthirst finger force landed on Tianlong's purple-golden Dragon Disc staff,Tianlong suddenly felt a huge force coming at him.The hand holding the staff even trembled slightly.

By the time Su Xin's Astonishing Dreams finger force struck again,Tianlong's expression changed abruptly.He tightly grasped the purple-golden Dragon Disc staff in his hand,but with a'crack,'his Xuan-ranked purple-golden Dragon Disc staff actually snapped in half!