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Chapter 356 Shock

9117words in this chapter2024-02-28

The weapon was shattered,which immediately changed Xiang Tianlong's expression.

In such an environment,he was getting weaker while Su Xin was getting stronger.If the fight continued,his odds of winning would be slim.

So,Xiang Tianlong gritted his teeth,preparing to escape first and then find an opportunity to kill Su Xin.

However,Su Xin had put a lot of effort into setting up the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation with the intention of wiping out the entire Tianlong Sect.How could he easily let Xiang Tianlong leave?

Moreover,there was a limit to the absorption of the blood slaughter aura.Su Xin could already feel that his own blood slaughter aura was almost depleted.If the battle couldn't be ended quickly,he would end up undermining his own efforts.

Just as Xiang Tianlong was about to escape,Su Xin had already used the Wind God's Legs technique to catch up,pointing three fingers towards the sky,forcing Xiang Tianlong to the center of the Tianlong Sect.

Currently,Su Xin's Three Finger Sky Strike was slightly inferior in power compared to the fully mastered one he exchanged for.However,it wouldn't drain his entire internal energy like the fully mastered version,which also included the Breaking Evil and Dream Shock points.

Xiang Tianlong roared angrily,his fist wind howling,endless qi exploding.Even without a weapon,the prestige of a Yuan Shen realm martial artist was still present.

Su Xin,on the other hand,relied on the blood slaughter power within him.The intangible sword qi seemed to be unleashed without consuming internal energy,relentlessly slashing out like a madman.For a moment,the entire Tianlong Sect became a scene of two spectacles.

One was the continuous slaughter of the external Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,with blood qi filling the sky.

The other was the intangible sword qi unleashed by Su Xin after absorbing the blood slaughter aura,which also showed a crimson color,resembling a miniature Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,trapping Xiang Tianlong in the middle.

The Primordial Breaking Intangible Sword Qi was the only martial skill Su Xin had reached a four and a half-star level in.It was also the martial skill he was currently focusing on mastering.

During the battle with Xiang Tianlong,Su Xin's mind was completely immersed in the Primordial Breaking Intangible Sword Qi.

Su Xin's figure was like that of a calligraphy master wielding his brush,but instead of ink and paper,he wielded intangible sword qi!

When any martial skill is performed to its utmost,it becomes the Dao.

The Primordial Breaking Intangible Sword Qi was the Dao Su Xin comprehended after mastering the martial arts of Guan Qi.Now,Su Xin was comprehending the essence within it.

Xiang Tianlong was trapped in the sword qi like a prison,unable to break free from its suppression no matter what attack he attempted.

At this moment,Su Xin had entered a profound state.Every time he wielded the sword qi,it seemed to carry a certain essence,blooming with magnificent colors.

Xiang Tianlong felt increasing pressure,while Su Xin,with a wave of his hand,caused the sword qi to not burst out from his body but instead shoot out from the void,instantly severing one of Xiang Tianlong's legs.

However,Xiang Tianlong didn't have time to scream.He stared at Su Xin in disbelief.Sword qi from the void?How is this possible!

The Primordial Breaking Intangible Sword Qi was divided into five realms.Initially,when Su Xin comprehended it during the Sword Southern Road,he turned it into Breaking Intangible Sword Qi without distinguishing between the primordial and post-primordial realms.

But today,with the power brought by the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,Su Xin finally transformed the Breaking Intangible Sword Qi directly into Intangible Sword Qi,breaking free from the limitations of internal and external forms.The sword qi condensed from the void,even more unpredictable and undefendable.

In fact,according to Su Xin's original estimate,he would naturally comprehend this realm after breaking through to the Yuan Shen realm.However,he didn't expect that this time,with the power of the blood slaughter aura,he would directly step into this realm.

With both hands waving,hundreds of sword qi instantly appeared around Xiang Tianlong,invisible and traceless,truly undefendable!

In an instant,Xiang Tianlong was dismembered by the sharp sword qi,unable even to utter a final scream.

At this point,Su Xin's blood slaughter aura had also been completely exhausted.His face turned pale,but he still managed to support himself and leave the Tianlong Sect,leaving behind a line of words at the gate.

The next morning,people from other martial factions in Xiaoyang City rushed towards the Tianlong Sect.

The blood slaughter aura above the Tianlong Sect yesterday was too terrifying,almost everyone in Xiaoyang City could feel it,but no one went there that night.

The Tianlong Sect was located in the east of the city,while other martial factions of the same level were in the other three directions.Even if they heard something at night,they were too lazy to investigate,fearing to provoke any trouble.

The smaller sects near the Tianlong Sect were even more unwilling to join in the excitement.The blood slaughter aura yesterday was terrifying,leaving even the Primordial Realm martial artists feeling frightened.

Many martial factions suspected whether Su Xin was causing trouble,but later they dismissed the idea.

Su Xin was indeed strong,but now that the Tianlong Sect had tightened its defenses and called everyone back inside,if he dared to cause trouble again,he would directly face someone like Xiang Tianlong,a master of the Nascent Soul realm.Therefore,everyone believed it was impossible for Su Xin to be behind this.

However,when they arrived at the Tianlong Sect,everyone's faces turned pale.The gate of the Tianlong Sect stood wide open,emitting a strong stench of blood that made one feel nauseous.

Peering inside the gate,countless corpses almost covered the entire martial arts arena.Due to the massacre of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,most of the bodies in the Tianlong Sect were fragmented,appearing extremely gruesome.

Most importantly,Xiang Tianlong's body lay among the pile of corpses,also torn apart by chaotic blades,but his head was preserved.

Seeing Xiang Tianlong,who was once like a brother,now reduced to a pile of broken pieces,several Nascent Soul realm martial artists present were unable to recover from the shock.

At this moment,someone suddenly pointed to the gate and exclaimed,"Look!There are words on the gate!"

Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw seven twisted blood characters left on the gate:"I,Su Xin,keep my word."

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Those who had participated in the Sword Appreciation Conference couldn't help but remember Su Xin's words back then.If given the chance,he would surely annihilate the Tianlong Sect.They had thought Xiang Tianlong had stirred up trouble for himself,but they never expected retribution to come so swiftly!

Now,no one had the mind to consider what method Su Xin had used to annihilate the Tianlong Sect.They only knew that Su Xin,at the Nascent Soul realm,had killed Xiang Tianlong,a Nascent Divinity realm martial artist,and wiped out over two thousand members of the Tianlong Sect.This achievement was absolutely unprecedented!

Similarly,everyone felt a sense of relief.Fortunately,when they agreed to help Xiang Tianlong hunt down Su Xin,they sensed something amiss and backed off in time.Otherwise,their own sects might have suffered the same fate today.

If Su Xin could destroy the Tianlong Sect,who could guarantee that he couldn't do the same to other martial factions comparable to the Tianlong Sect?

Now,they had labeled Su Xin as an unpredictable and ruthless individual.More importantly,when he went mad,he was comparable to that lunatic Yan Naru!

If this were placed on a normal person,they would probably seek revenge after reaching the Nascent Soul realm with absolute certainty.But Su Xin,even with the means to destroy the Tianlong Sect,did it without any danger?Without paying any price?If there was no danger involved,no one would believe it.

Su Xin didn't choose a safe plan;he deliberately chose a dangerous one.

Using the Nascent Soul realm to destroy a second-rate sect with Nascent Divinity realm cultivators seemed like the actions of a madman to others,even surpassing the madness of Yan Naru.

They vaguely remembered that Su Xin seemed to have said at the Sword Appreciation Conference that if given the chance,he would annihilate the Tianlong Sect,rather than waiting until he broke through to the Nascent Soul realm.

That sentence back then revealed Su Xin's mentality.Today's events were not a coincidence but a scheme Su Xin had been planning for a long time!

So now,Su Xin was seen as a madman in their eyes,a rational madman!

Such a major event had spread from Xiaoyang City in just half a day and then to the Great Zhou Empire.

The ranking list was revised overnight,changing three times within a month.But the shock brought by this revision of the ranking list was no less than when He Xiu and Xiao Huang broke through to the Nascent Soul realm.

Outside the headquarters of the Six Gates of Shengjing City,most of the copyists who posted the ranking list had already left,leaving only a few waiting here.

Those who left believed that since the ranking list had changed twice in a month,it was unlikely to change again.There was no point in waiting anymore.Those who stayed here were mostly idle,ready to wait here for another half month to see if there was any big news.If they didn't wait,they wouldn't lose anything,but if they did,they could make a fortune with this firsthand information.

As people were bored and chatting nonsense with each other,a constable from the Six Gates of Shengjing City came out with a ranking list,stunning everyone present.The ranking list had changed again?They had waited just right this time.

As the constable posted the ranking list,everyone discussed who might have caused the change in the ranking list.

Most people felt that the most likely reason was that the"True Person Chisong"of the Zaohe Sect had broken through to the Nascent Soul realm,leading to the change in the ranking list.After all,that person was a madman in cultivation and could break through to the Nascent Soul realm at any time.

Some wondered if the change in the ranking list was due to Yan Naru being killed by someone,as he often behaved recklessly.

However,when they saw the content on the ranking list,they were all stunned,unable to even copy the ranking list.Their faces showed astonishment,and they were too shocked to speak.