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Chapter 293:Yin Ji's Calculations

8940words in this chapter2024-02-19

Huang Bingcheng makes a good point.One by one,including Lu Xu,they all fell into a misconception,thinking that Yin Ji was like Su Xin.

Back then,Su Xin only brought Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai to infiltrate the Six Gates alone,directly eliminating Lei Yuan and others,dominating the martial arts world in Jiangnan,and this method and strength were also the reasons why Lu Xu and others were willing to follow Su Xin.

But this Yin Ji is different.

Although Yin Ji has only recently arrived in Jiangnan,they can roughly see through Yin Ji's background.

We don't know much about this person's strength,but perhaps their scheming and tactics might have been commendable at the headquarters of the Six Gates,but here in Jiangnan,the rules are different.

Moreover,the problems Yin Ji faces now are much more difficult than those Su Xin faced initially.

Back then,the only obstacle in front of Su Xin was Lei Yuan,the chief of the majority of Jiangnan's real power in the Six Gates,and figures like Lu Xu maintained neutrality.

But now,the most powerful chiefs of Jiangnan's Six Gates,including Lu Xu,have united,and previously,Su Xin also mobilized the elite forces from various state capitals to his side,carefully nurturing them into his elite henchmen,making them stronger.

It can be said that this time,Yin Ji is not facing just one person,but all the forces left behind by Su Xin.

As Huang Bingcheng said,they could play along with Yin Ji,would Yin Ji dare to kill them?

Back then,Su Xin,with such audacity,found an excuse and dared to eliminate Lei Yuan and others only after conclusive evidence.

Even if Yin Ji's strength is strong,they wouldn't dare to openly kill them,otherwise,the Six Gates of Jiangnan would inevitably fall into chaos,and even Liu Fengwu wouldn't be able to turn a blind eye,otherwise,it wouldn't be justifiable.

Upon receiving this news,the martial arts sects of Jiangnan had mixed feelings.

Of course,those who hated Su Xin's regime and the three major first-class powers were delighted.

They believed that this detestable henchman of the court was finally dead,and now they wouldn't dare to come to cause trouble in Jiangnan,right?

Naturally,those who had cooperated with Su Xin,like the Wen family and the Iron Sword Sect,were worried.

They had cut off ties with the martial arts world of Jiangnan by cooperating with the Six Gates,so they could only cling tightly to Su Xin's coattails.

But the problem was,they had cooperated with Su Xin initially,but now,Yin Ji was taking over as the chief of the Six Gates.How would the agreements they made hold up?

Of course,compared to those who were happy or worried,most people didn't care.

For the martial arts world of Jiangnan,Su Xin had only set two rules:one was to establish the authority of the Six Gates,as long as you didn't cause trouble,the Six Gates wouldn't come looking for you.

And indeed,that's how it was.Since the last big massacre in Jiangnan,Su Xin hadn't provoked those sects again.

And then Su Xin established the life and death arena,which even had some people praising it.

So now,the martial arts world of Jiangnan had already adapted to the rules left by Su Xin.Whether he lived or died,as long as the Six Gates didn't stir up trouble again,they had nothing to do with them.

At this time,inside the headquarters of the Six Gates,Yin Ji looked at the order issued by the court with an excited,flushed face.

The plan went smoothly.Su Xin died,and Liu Fengwu guaranteed his position as the chief of Jiangnan.From now on,Jiangnan would be his world!

But in Yin Ji's room,there were still Jiang Helu and Yue Qingping.

However,the two of them had already disguised themselves as the appearance of"Burnt Sea Jiaolong"Dai Wanchun and"Dragon Catcher"Fang Xiaoyun.

Seeing Yin Ji's somewhat excited appearance,Jiang Helu couldn't help but say,"Yin Ji,don't forget what you promised us.During this time,I will bring survivors from my Wu Kingdom in batches,and you are responsible for arranging them into the Six Gates of Jiangnan."

Yin Ji's heart moved,suddenly saying,"Of course,no problem.But the situation of the Six Gates in Jiangnan is also very grim now.

As you know,although Su Xin is dead,his confidants are still around,and they are bound to influence us and even vie with us for power and profit.

But because of the rules of the Six Gates,I cannot take action against them.I will need you two to help me deal with them."

Jiang Helu sneered,"You don't need to think too much about this.It's simply impossible!

Killing them is easy,but with several state capitals'chiefs of police being killed,during such a sensitive period,the headquarters of the Six Gates will definitely send people to investigate.

This time,it won't be Liu Fengwu's people who come,but the people from the Iron Family.

Aren't you thinking that if you use me to kill Su Xin's confidants,and then when the headquarters of the Six Gates sends people to investigate,I can only withdraw,and then the Six Gates of Jiangnan will be yours alone?Isn't that right?"

Yin Ji awkwardly smiled,"Senior is overly suspicious.How could I think like that?"

Although that's what he said,Yin Ji really had the idea of using someone else's knife to kill.

After all,no one wants someone meddling around them,especially since Su Xin's confidants are quite troublesome.It's just the right opportunity to make them all disappear.

Unfortunately,Jiang Helu has lived for decades and won't be easily fooled by someone like Yin Ji.

"Don't worry,I won't interfere much with the affairs of the Six Gates of Jiangnan.As long as you arrange my people into the Six Gates according to my instructions,I won't meddle with other matters of the Six Gates,"Jiang Helu reassured Yin Ji.

Yin Ji isn't his subordinate;he's just a nail that was previously embedded in the Six Gates.

Though the plan to pressure Yin Ji was successful,there's definitely resentment in Yin Ji's heart.So,Jiang Helu doesn't want to push him too far and finds it necessary to placate him appropriately.

Upon hearing Jiang Helu's words,Yin Ji's expression improved somewhat.He said,"Then let's go out and meet these chiefs of the Jiangnan Dao,and introduce you two to them.After all,you'll need to deal with them when arranging manpower in the future."

Jiang Helu nodded,and Yin Ji immediately went out to summon all the chiefs of the Six Gates for a discussion.

After everyone had gathered,Yin Ji sat in Su Xin's former main seat,looking at the people below,revealing a hint of satisfaction.

The position of the chief of the Six Gates is not to be underestimated,especially the power,which couldn't be compared to when he was at the headquarters of the Six Gates.Managing the life and death of a Jiangnan Dao,with thousands of subordinates,was a power and authority he couldn't experience ordinarily.

No wonder those chiefs of the Six Gates who had already reached the Yuan Shen realm wanted to become the chief,as the wonderful feeling of absolute control intoxicated Yin Ji.

Especially since Yin Ji had always been at the headquarters of the Six Gates,with no more than a hundred subordinates.This contrast made the difference even more obvious.

Looking at the people below,Yin Ji cleared his throat and said,"Gentlemen,Sir Su sacrificed himself due to the assassination attempt by remnants of the Wu Kingdom.I am deeply saddened by this.However,the Six Gates cannot remain leaderless.Therefore,I have been sent down to serve as the chief of the Six Gates,leading you to guard Jiangnan Dao."

Huang Bingcheng and others below sneered.They hadn't seen any grief from Yin Ji;from the looks of it,he was about to burst into laughter.

As for the other chiefs of the state capitals,they were somewhat uneasy.They had only been recruited by Su Xin for less than half a year,and there was no question of loyalty to Su Xin.Although most of the state capitals'chiefs of police were respectful and fearful of Su Xin due to his methods,which ensured that they wouldn't betray him while he was alive,the problem now was that Su Xin was gone and his fate unknown.In such uncertain times,everyone was anxious,fearing that Yin Ji might settle old scores with them.After all,when Yin Ji first came to Jiangnan Dao,none of these people stood by his side.But Yin Ji wasn't stupid.Many people didn't stand by his side at first;in fact,no one in Jiangnan Dao did.It was hard enough to persuade a few,but they were all killed by Su Xin.So Yin Ji couldn't just get rid of all the catchers and chiefs of Jiangnan Dao.However,now that he had taken over as the chief of Jiangnan Dao,there naturally had to be a distinction between closeness and distance.Huang Bingcheng,Li Huai,and others from before must be thoroughly pushed to the corner!

Looking at the people below,Yin Ji said,"Our previous rules in Jiangnan Dao were somewhat unreasonable.All cultivation resources sent from above should be reviewed by me before they can be distributed to various state capitals."

Huang Bingcheng snorted at this.This was something he used to do,but now Yin Ji was clearly trying to take back the power from him.

However,Huang Bingcheng had already anticipated this.The cultivation resources sent down from above were in the hands of the chief of the Six Gates,and Yin Ji was now the chief.He couldn't stop Yin Ji from taking back this power.

Yin Ji looked at Li Huai and others and sneered,"There's one more thing that needs to be adjusted.The manpower in our headquarters in Jiangnan Dao is too much,resulting in a severe shortage of manpower in various state capitals.So I've decided to disband all the catchers from the headquarters and deploy them to the various state capitals."

At this,Li Huai's expression changed suddenly.The catchers and chiefs of the headquarters in Jiangnan Dao were carefully selected and trained elites by Su Xin.If they were disbanded by Yin Ji like this,all their previous efforts and preparations would be in vain.

But Huang Bingcheng held Li Huai's arm and stood up with a smile,"I will comply with the Lord's orders.I'll make arrangements later to disband them and send them to the major state capitals as soon as possible."

Li Huai and others looked at Huang Bingcheng in surprise,not knowing why he agreed so readily.If they didn't know that Huang Bingcheng would never betray Su Xin,they would even suspect that Huang Bingcheng had secretly joined Yin Ji.